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16 "Deep Cuts From Darl Clouds" 2012
(HED) PE "Only In America" 2004
(HED) PE "New World Orphans" 2010
10 CC "Mirror Mirror" 1995
11TH HOUR "Lacrima Morti" 2012
12 STONES" 12 Stones" 2003
1349 (ex-Satyricon, ex-Emperor) "Revelations Of The Black Flame" 2009
3 DOORS DOWN "Time Of My Life" 2011
36 CRAZYFISTS "Lanterns" 2017
36 CRAZYFISTS "Collision And Castaways" 2010
36 CRAZYFISTS "The Tide And Takers" 2008
3RD STRIKE "Lost Angel" 2002
4 LYN "Take It As A Compliment" 2003
40 BELOW SUMMER "The Morning After" 2003
4th DIMENSION "Dispelling The Veil Of Illusions" 2014
69 EYES "X" 2012
69 EYES "Hollywood Kills (Live)" 2008
A PSYCH TRIBUTE TO THE DOORS "Featuring The Black Angels, Clinic, Dark Horses" 2014
A SOUND OF THUNDER "Out Of The Darkness" 2012
A SOUND OF THUNDER "A Time's Arrow" 2013
A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS "Nightmare Inc." 2005
ABORTED "Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture" 2007
ABYDOS "Abydos" 2004
AC / DC "Tribute To AC\DC: High Voltage Electro Club Remixes" 2015
ACCEPT "A Metal Blast From The Past" 2002
ACCEPT "The Rise Of Chaos" 2017
ACCUSER "Who Dominates Who?" 1989
ACCUSER "Double Talk" 1991
ACID REIGN "The Fear / Moshkinstein" 1989
ACID REIGN "Obnoxios" 1990
ADEMA "Planets" 2005
ADICTS "Life Goes On" 2009
ADMIRAL SIR GLAUDESLEY SHOVER "Don't Heart It... Fear It" 2012
ADRAMELCH "Lights From Oblivion" 2012
ADRENALIN FACTOR "Adrenalin Factor" 2007
ADRENALINE MOB (ex-Dream Theater, Symphony X) "Omerta" 2012
AEROSMITH "Pump" 1989
AESMA DAEVA "The Eros Of Frigid Beauty" 2002
AESMA DAEVA "The New Athens Ethos" 2003
AESTHESIA "Shattered Idols" 2011
AFFECTOR "Harmagedon" 2012
AFGHAN WHIGS "Do To The Beast" 2014
AFI "Crash Love" 2009
AFI "Burials" 2013
AFI "Sing The Sorrow (Japan Edition)" 2003
AFTER ALL "After All" 1969
AGNOSTIC FRONT "Another Voice" 2004
AGONY SCENE "The Darkest Red" 2005
AGONY SCENE "Get Damned" 2007
AGUSA "Agusa" 2017
AIBOFORCEN "Sons Palliatifs" 2001
AIDEN "Nightmare Anatomy" 2007
AIR "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" 2012
AIR "Talkie Walkie" 2004
AIRBORN "Dark Future Rising" 2014
AIRBOURNE TOXIC EVENT "The Airbourne Toxic Event" 2009
AJATTARA "Apare" 2006
AKERCOCKE "Antichrist" 2007
AL DI MEOLA "One Of These Nights" 2004
ALAN PARSON "Eye 2 Eye (Live In Madrid)" 2010
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT "Stereotomy (Remastered)" 2008
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT "Tales Of Mystery And… (Remastered)" 2008
ALBERTO RIGONI "Three Wise Monkeys" 2013
ALCATRAZZ "No Parole From Rock'N'Roll Tour Live In Japan 28-01-1984" 2010
ALICE COOPER "Paranormal" 2017
ALL SHALL PERISH "Hate Malice Revenge" 2005
ALL SHALL PERISH "Awaken The Dreamers" 2008
ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS "The All-American Rejects" 2003
ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS "When The World Comes Down" 2009
ALPHA TIGER "Identity" 2015
ALWAYS FALLEN "Reflection" 2010
AMBEON "Fate Of A Dreamer" 2001
AMBERIAN DAWN "Darkness Of Eternity" 2017
AMBERIAN DAWN "Circus Black" 2012
AMON TOBIN "Foley Room" 2008
AMOS LEE "As The Crow Flies" 2012
ANATOMY (Rus) "Outsight" 2005
ANCIENT CEREMONY "Puritan's Blasphemy Call" 2005
ANDREW BIRD "Break It Yourself" 2012
ANDREW W.K. "The Wolf" 2003
ANDY SCOTT (ex-Sweet) "The Solo Singles" 2013
ANGEL CREW "One Life, Onesentence" 2005
ANGELICA "Thrive" 2013
ANIMALS "Animals /Animal Tracks" 1965
ANIMIA (Rus) "О Чем Забыли Сказать" 2007
ANNIHILATOR "Live At Masters Of Rock" 2008
ANNIHILATOR "For The Demented" 2017
ANNIHILATOR "Carnival Diablos" 2001
ANNIHILATOR "Criteria for a Black WidowI" 1999
ANNODOMINI "Sixtrinity Secret" 2008
ANTHRAX "For All Kings" 2016
ANTHRAX "Among The Living (Japan Edition)" 1986
ANTI-MORTEM "New Southern" 2014
AOR "L.A.Connection" 2014
APD (ex-Labyrinth, Vision Divine) "A Perfect Day" 2012
APOCALYPSE "Apocalypse" 1969
APOCALYPTICA "Wagner Reloaded - Live In Leipzig" 2013
APOPTYGMA BERZERK "Soli Deo Gloria" 1993
APPICE "Sinister" 2017
ARCADE FIRE "Reflektor" 2013
ARCH / MATHEOS "Sympathetic Resonance" 2011
ARCH ENEMY "Live Apocalypse" 2008
ARCHITECTS "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us" 2016
ARIDA VORTEX (Rus) "Flames Of Sunset" 2006
ARMIN VAN BUUREN "Intense" 2013
ARMIN VAN BUUREN "Mirage (The Remixes)" 2011
ART OF DYING "Vices And Virtues" 2011
ART OF DYING "Art Of Dying" 2007
ARTHUR SANDOVAL "Live At The Blue Note" 2011
AS I LAY DYING "A Long March (The First Recordings)" 2006
AS I LAY DYING "The Powerless Rise" 2010
ASHES DIVIDE "Keep Telling Myself It's Alright" 2008
ASIA "Gravitas" 2014
ASP "Aus Der Tiefe" 2005
ASTRA "Broken Balance" 2014
ASTRAL DOMINE "Arcanum Gloriae" 2014
ATKINS / MAY PROJECT (Pretty Maids) "Serpent Kiss" 2012
ATREYU "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" 2008
ATREYU "A Death-Grip On Yesterday" 2006
ATROX "Orgasm" 2003
ATROX "Terrestrials" 2002
AUTECHRE "Exai" 2013
AUTECHRE "Oversteps" 2010
AUTO-DE-FE (Rus) "Стихия" 2010
AUTONOMY "Autonomy" 2001
AUTOPSY "Skull Grinder" 2017
AUTOPSY "All Tomorrow's Funerals" 2012
AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Hail to the King" 2013
AWAKENING "Razor Burn" 2006
AXENSTAR "Where Dreams Are Forgotten" 2014
AZORIA "Seasons Change" 2014
BACKYARD BABIES "Stockholm Syndrome" 2004
BAD BOYS BLUE "Love Is No Crime" 1988
BAD BOYS BLUE "My Blue World" 1987
BAD BRAINS "Into The Future" 2012
BAD COMPANY "Merchants Of Cool (Live)" 2002
BAD COMPANY "Live At Red Rocks" 2017
BAD RELIGION "No Control" 1989
BAD RELIGION "Against The Grain" 1991
BAD RELIGION "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?" 1991
BAD RELIGION "The Process Of Belief" 2002
BAD RELIGION "No Substance" 1998
BAD RELIGION "The Gray Race" 1996
BAD RELIGION "The Dissent Of Man" 2010
BADHOVEN "Obsession" 2013
BALTIMORA "Living In The Background" 1985
BAND OF HORSES "Mirage Rock" 2012
BAND OF SPICE "Econimic Dancers" 2015
BANDOLERO "Bandolero" 1969
BANG TANGO "Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt" 2011
BARREN EARTH "The Devil's Resolve" 2012
BARREN EARTH "On Lonely Towers" 2015
BARREN EARTH "Curse Of The Red River" 2010
BARRY GOUDREAU (ex-Boston) "Full Steam Ahead" 2017
BATTLELORE "The Last Alliance" 2008
BEACH BOYS "That's Why God Made The Radio" 2012
BEACH BOYS "Sunflower (Special Edition 2012)" 2012
BEACH BOYS "Smiley Smile (Special Edition 2012)" 2012
BEADY BELLE "Cricklewood Broadway" 2013
BEAST IN BLACK "Berserker" 2017
BEATLES "Artifacts - The Definitive Collection Of Beatles Rarities : Beatlemania 1964-1965 (Japan Remastered)" 1993
BEATLES "Meet The Beatles! (Stereo Version) (Japan Remastered)" 1964
BEATLES "Beatles VI (Japan Remastered)" 1965
BEATLES "The Alternate Help! (Japan Remastered)" 2004
BEATLES" 25 Piano Tributes To The Beatles: Tributes To The Beatles" 2012
BEATLES "I Saw Her Standing There" 2013
BEATLES "On Air Live At The BBC - Vol.2" 2013
BEATLES "Reimagined - A Tribute To Beathles" 2013
BEATLES "Something New (U.S. Album Series 2014)" 1964
BEATLES "The Early Beatles (U.S. Album Series 2014)" 1965
BEATLES "Beatles Vi (U.S. Album Series 2014)" 1965
BEAUTIFUL BEAST "Kick Down The Barricades" 2014
BEECHER "Breaking The Fortune Wall" 2005
BEFORE THE DAWN "Rise Of The Phoenix" 2012
BEN SIDRAN "Don't Cry For No Hipster" 2013
BENNETT / BRUBECK "The White House Sessions (Live)" 1962
BERZERKER "Dissimulate" 2002
BERZERKER "World Of Lies" 2006
BESEECH "My Darkness, Darkness" 2016
BETHOVEN "Sonata №9, Bethoven Violin Concerto (1936-1941)" 1941
BEYOND FEAR "Beyond Fear" 2006
BIG BILL MORGANFIELD "Bloodstains On The Wall" 2017
BIG FOUR "Sonisphere Festival 2010: Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer" 2010
BILL FRISELL "Silent Comedy" 2013
BILLY TALENT "Afraid Of Heights" 2016
BIOHAZARD "Reborn In Defiance" 2012
BJORK "Biophilia" 2011
BJORN RIIS (ex-Airbag) "Forever Comes To An End" 2017
BLACK HAWK "A Mighty Metal Axe" 2013
BLACK LIGHT BURNS "Cruel Melody" 2008
BLACK MAJESTY "Stargazer" 2012
BLACK SABBATH "The End" 2017
BLACK STONE CHERRY "Black To Blues" 2017
BLACK STONE CHERRY "Kentucky" 2016
BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL "The Scavenger Bride" 2002
BLACK TEARS "Child Of The Storm" 1984
BLACK TEARS "The Slave" 1985
BLACK TIDE "Light From Above" 2008
BLACKOUT ARGUMENT "Decisions" 2007
BLANK & JONES "Relax Edition 10" 2017
BLAZE BAYLEY "Infinite Entanglement" 2016
BLAZON STONE "Down In The Dark" 2017
BLEED THE SKY "Paradigm In Entropy" 2005
BLINDSTONE "Blues-O-Delic Celebration" 2017
BLITZKRIEG "Back From Hell" 2013
BLOC PARTY "Silent Alarm" 2005
BLOC PARTY "A Weekend In The City" 2007
BLOC PARTY "Four" 2012
BLOOD BROTHERS "... Burn, Piano Island, Burn" 2003
BLOOD RED SHOES "In Time To Voices" 2012
BLOOD, SWEET & TEARS "Spinning Wheel (Archive Recording)" 2007
BLOODPARADE "Pain Exposed" 2006
BLOODTHIRST "Sanctity Denied" 2009
BLOYATOP "Why Waltz" 2012
BLUES COMPANY "Ain't Nothing But…" 2015
BLUR "The Best Of" 2001
BOB BALDWIN "Re-Wide" 2011
BOB BALDWIN "Songs In The Key Of Stevie" 2015
BOB DYLAN "Fallen Angels" 2016
BODY COUNT "Manslaugthter" 2014
BOHUSLAN BIG BAND "Don't Fence Me In" 2011
BONES "Burnout Boulevard" 2008
BONEY JAMES "The Beat" 2013
BONEY M "World Music For Christmas" 2017
BOOKER T "Sound The Alarm" 2013
BOOTSY COLLINS "Tha Funk Capitol Of The World" 2011
BORKNAGAR "Universal" 2010
BORN OF OSIRIS "Soul Sphers" 2015
BOULEVARD "Boulevard IV: Luminescence 2017" 2017
BOY HITS CAR "Boy Hits Car" 2001
BOYS NIGHT OUT "Trainwreck" 2006
BRAINBOX "Parts" 1972
BRAND NEW HEAVIES "Forward" 2013
BRAVERY "The Bravery" 2005
BREAKER "Dead Rider" 1985
BRETT WALKER "Straight Jacket Vacation" 2013
BRIAN ENO / RICK HOLLAND "Panic Of Looking" 2011
BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA "Rockin Rudolph" 2015
BRIDE "Incorruptible" 2013
BRIMSTONE DAY "On A Monday Too Early To Tell" 2012
BRITNEY SPEARS "Britney Jean" 2013
BROKEN HOPE "Loathing" 1997
BROKEN HOPE "Repulsive Conception" 1995
BST "In The Blink Of An Eye" 2014
BUDDHA BAR "A Trip To Marrakesh" 2017
BUDDHA BAR "Mykonos" 2015
BUDDHA BAR "Buddha Bar XVI" 2014
BUDDHA BAR XII "By Ravin" 2010
BUDDHA BAR XV "Compiled And Mixed By Ravin" 2013
BUDDHA-BAR "Clubbing In Deep Session With Dj Ravin" 2017
BURNING BLACK "Remission Of Sin" 2014
BURNING SKIES "Desolation" 2006
BURZUM "Filosofem" 1996
BURZUM "The Ways Of Yore" 2014
BUSH "Man On The Run" 2014
BUTCHER BABIES "Goliath" 2014
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE "Время Мары" 2005
C-187 "Collision" 2007
CAFE DEL MAR "Jazz 3" 2015
CAFE DEL MAR "Sunscapes" 2015
CAFE DEL MAR "Classical" 2013
CAFE DEL MAR "Jazz" 2013
CAFE DEL MAR "Terrace Mix 3" 2014
CAFE DEL MAR "Cafe Del Mar 19" 2013
CAFÉ DEL MAR "Dreams 7" 2015
CALEXICO "Edge Of The Sun" 2015
CALIBAN "Vent " 2001
CALIBAN "Shadow Hearts" 2003
CALLEJON "Zombieactionhauptquartier" 2008
CANDIRIA "What Doesn't Kill You…" 2004
CANDLEMASS "Documents Of Doom" 2008
CANDLEMASS "The Curse Of ...Live In Stockholm 2003" 2003
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Red Before Black" 2017
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Centuries Of Torment" 2008
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Gallery Of Suicide" 1998
CAPRICE (Rus) "The Mirror" 2006
CARAVAN "Paradise Filter" 2014
CARE OF NIGHT "Connected" 2015
CARNIVAL IN COAL "Collection Prestige" 2005
CAROUSEL "Jeweller's Daughter" 2014
CAST "Power And Outcome" 2017
CAT STEVENS "Majikat (Earth Tour 1976) " 2004
CATASTROPHE BALLET "...All Beauty Dies" 2006
CATHERINE RUSSEL "Strictly Romancing" 2012
CATS IN SPACE "Scarecrow" 2017
CAUTERIZE "So Far From Real" 2003
CAVALERA CONSPIRASY "Pandemonium" 2014
CEMETERY OF SCREAM "Prelude To A Sentimental Journey" 2002
CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Lucid Interval" 2002
CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Anomalies" 2005
CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Xenosapien" 2007
CHAIN COLLECTOR "The Masquerade" 2005
CHAMELLEON "Rising" 2014
CHEAP TRICK "Every Trick In The Book" 2009
CHEAP TRICK "Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello" 2016
CHEMIA "The One Inside" 2013
CHEMICAL BROTHERS "Singles 93-03" 2003
CHEVELLE "Hats Off To The Bull" 2011
CHIARA "Un Giorno Di Sole" 2014
CHICANE "Thousand Mile Stare" 2012
CHICO & THE GYPSIES (Gipsy Kings) "Bamboleo" 2014
CHICO FREMAN AND THE FIRTY PAWER TRIO "Chico Freeman And The Firty Pawer Trio" 2010
CHINA "We Are The Stars" 2014
CHIP Z'NUFF "Strange Time" 2015
CHRIS BEARD "Eye Of The Witch" 2017
CHRIS BUCK AND THE BIG HORNS "Postcards From Capricorn" 2013
CHRIS CAFFERY "House Of Insanity" 2009
CHRIS LE BLANC "Beyond The Sunsets" 2013
CHRIS NORMAN "Don't Knock The Rock" 2017
CHRIS NORMAN "Crossover" 2015
CHRIS REA "Road Songs for Lovers" 2017
CHRISTIAN McBRITE "People Music" 2013
CHRISTIE "For All Mankind" 1973
CHROME MOLLY "Gunpowder Diplomacy" 2013
CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT "Right Between The Eyes" 2014
CINDERELLA "Night Song" 1986
CINDERELLA "Long Cold Winter" 1988
CINEMA STRANGE "Cinema Strange " 2005
CINEMA STRANGE "The Astonished Eyes Of Evening" 2002
CIPHER SYSTEM "Communicate The Storms" 2011
CIRCLE "Triumph" 2010
CITIZEN CAIN "Skies Darken" 2012
CIVIL WAR "The Last Full Measure (Limited Edition)" 2016
CLAIRVOYANTS "Word To The Wise" 2008
CLAN OF XYMOX "Farewell" 2003
CLAN OF XYMOX "Notes From The Underground" 2002
CLAN OF XYMOX "Hidden Faces" 1997
CLAN OF XYMOX "Breaking Point" 2006
CLAN OF XYMOX "Kindred Spirits" 2012
CLAN OF XYMOX "Darkest Hour" 2011
CLAYMORE (featuring Tim Ripper Owens & Victor Smolski) "Damnation Reigns" 2010
CLOCKWORK REVOLUTION "Clockwork Revolution" 2017
CLOSE YOUR EYES "We Will Overcome" 2010
COLD "Year Of the Spider" 2003
COLD OWN (Rus) "Freak out up" 2005
COLIN EDWIN / JON DURRANT "Burnt Belief" 2012
COLONY 5 "Fixed" 2005
COLONY 5 "Structures" 2003
COMPANY OF SNAKES "Burst The Bubble" 2002
CONFESSOR "Unraveled" 2005
CONSORTIUM PROJECT IV "Children Of Tomorrow" 2007
CONSTANCIA "Final Curtain (Special Edition)" 2015
CONSTRUCDEAD "Repent" 2003
CORONER "Death Cult" 1985
CORPORATION 187 "Perfection In Pain" 2002
CORRS "Borrowed Heaven" 2004
COUNTING CROWS "Underwater Sunshine" 2012
COUNTING CROWS "Somewhere Under Wonderland" 2014
COVERED CALL "Impact" 2013
COWBOY JUNKIES "Demons: The Nomad Series Vol.2" 2011
COWBOY JUNKIES "At The End Of Path Taken" 2007
CRADLE OF FILTH "Cryptoriana (Limited Edition)" 2017
CRADLE OF FILTH "Midnight In The Labyrinth" 2012
CRADLE OF FILTH "Manticore And Other Horrors" 2012
CRARMING GRACE "Charming Grace" 2013
CRASH TEST DUMMIES "Oooh La La !" 2010
CRAZY LIXX "Riot Avenue" 2012
CREED "Greatest Hits" 2004
CREED "Live" 2009
CREED "Full Circle" 2009
CROWBAR "Lifesblood For The Downtrodden" 2004
CROWN "Death Is Dead" 2014
CROWN OF GLORY "A Deep Breath Of Life" 2008
CROWPATH "Son Of Sulphur" 2006
CRY OF DAWN "Cry Of Dawn" 2016
CRYONIC TEMPLE "Immortal" 2008
CRYPTOPSY "None So Live (Montreal 2002)" 2003
CRYSTAL EYES "Killer" 2014
CRYSTAL METHOD "Crystal Method" 2014
CTA (California Transit Authority) "Sacred Ground" 2013
CULLODEN "Silent Scream" 2014
CULT "Choice Of Weapon" 2012
CURE "4:13 Dream" 2008
CYHRA "Letters To Myself" 2017
CYPRESS HILL "Rise Up" 2010
D.A.D. "No Full Left The Pilgrims" 1989
DAGGER "The Dagger" 2014
DAGGER "Fate Of A Violent World" 1994
DAMAGEPLAN (ex-Pantera) "New Found Power" 2004
DAN PATLANSKY "Dear Silence Thieves" 2015
DAN REED "Transmission" 2015
DANDY WARHOLS "This Machine" 2012
DANIEL CAVANAGH (Anathema) "Monochrome" 2017
DANZIG "Deth Red Sabaoth" 2010
DARK AGE "Arcedia" 2009
DARK ANGEL "We Have Arrived" 1984
DARK TRANQUILITY "Where Death Is Most Alive" 2009
DARKHORSE "Let It Ride" 2014
DARKNESS "Hot Cakes" 2012
DARRYL WILLIAMS "Here To Stay" 2017
DAVE CLARK FIVE "The History Of …" 1993
DAVE DAVIES "I Will Be Me" 2013
DAVE DOUGLAS & KEYSTONE "Spark Of Being" 2010
DAVE KOZ & FRIENDS "The 25th Of December" 2014
DAVE KOZ AND FRIENDS "Sumer Horns" 2013
DAVID A SAYLOR "Strenght Of One" 2014
DAVID CROSBY "Croz" 2014
DAVID GUETTA "One More Love" 2010
DAYLIGHT TORN "New Skin" 2001
DE LA TIERRA (Sepultura) "De La Tierra" 2014
DE/VISION "Popgefahr" 2010
DE/VISION "Rockets + Swords" 2012
DEAD BY SUNRISE (Linkin Park) "Out Of Ashes" 2009
DEAD POETIC "Vices" 2007
DEAD SOUL TRIBE "A Lullaby For The Devil" 2007
DEAD SOUL TRIBE "The Dead World" 2005
DEADALUS "Motherland" 2011
DEADLOCK "Manifesto" 2008
DEATH ANGEL "The Ultra-Violence" 1987
DEATH ANGEL "The Evil Divide" 2016
DEATHBOUND "Doomsday Comfort" 2005
DEATHSTARS "Perfect Cult" 2014
DEATHWISH "At the Edge Of Damnation" 1987
DEATHWISH "Demon Preacher" 1988
DEBAUCHERY "Continue To Kill" 2008
DEBAUCHERY "Germany's Next Death Metal" 2011
DECODED FEEDBACK "Combustion" 2005
DEE DANIELS "Intimate Conversations" 2014
DEEEXPUS "The King Of Number 33" 2011
DEEP PURPLE "The Video Singles" 2008
DEEP PURPLE "Infinite" 2017
DEEP PURPLE "All I Gots Is You (EP)" 2017
DEEP PURPLE "Infinite (16 Track Edition)" 2017
DEEP PURPLE "The Many Faces Of Deep Purple: Black Night" 2014
DEEP PURPLE "The Many Faces Of Deep Purple: Smoke On The Water" 2014
DEGRADEAD "A World Destroyer" 2011
DELIGHT "Breaking Ground" 2007
DEMETRIUS KRAYON NABORS "A Jorney Within Part 1" 2011
DEMON "Cemetery Junction" 2016
DEMON HUNTER "Trur Defiance" 2012
DENI HINES & JAMES MORRISON "The Other Woman" 2007
DENNIS CHAMBERS "Groove And More" 2013
DEPARTURE "Hitch A Ride" 2012
DERANGED "Obscenities In B-Flat" 2006
DESPISED ICON "The Ills Of Modern Man" 2007
DESTINY PROGRAM "Subversive Blueprint" 2007
DESTRUCTION "Thrash Anthems II" 2017
DEUCE "Nine Lives" 2012
DEVIL DRIVER "Winter Kills" 2013
DEVIN TOWNSEND "Physicist" 2000
DEVOID "Cup Of Tears" 2017
DEW-SCENTED "Icarus" 2012
DIABLO BLVD "Follow The Deadlights" 2015
DIABOLOS RISING "Blood Vampirism & Sadism" 1996
DIE TOTEN HOSEN "In Aller Stille" 2008
DIECAST "Internal Revolution" 2007
DIES IRAE "Sculpture Of Stone" 2004
DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN "Dissociation" 2016
DIMENSION ACT "Manifestation Of Progress" 2012
DINO SOLERA "Classicaly Dino Solera" 1977
DINOSAUR Jr. "I Bet On Sky" 2012
DIONNE WARWICK "Only Trust Your Heart" 2011
DIVINE EMPIRE "Nostradameus" 2004
DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH? "You Have No Idea…" 2008
DOKKEN "Broken Bones" 2012
DOMINION III "Life Has Ended here" 2002
DOMINOE "Naked But Dressed" 2012
DOMMIN "Love Is Gone" 2009
DOOBIE BROTHERS "World Gone Crazy" 2010
DOOM SIDE OF THE MOON "Doom Side Of The Moon" 2017
DORO "Fur Immer" 2017
DORO "Strong And Proud-30 Years Of Rock And Metal" 2016
DORO "Doro" 1990
DORO "Angel Never Die" 1993
DOUGLE TIX (Rus) "Etmh Ty" 2006
DOWN "Down IV (Part II)" 2014
DOWN TO THE BONE "The Main Ingradients" 2011
DOWN TO THE BONE "Dig It" 2014
DR.LIVING DEAD "Cosmic Conqueror" 2017
DRAGONSFIRE "Metal Service" 2010
DREAM THEATER "Images & Words" 1992
DREAM THEATER "Chaos In Motion" 2008
DREAM THEATER "Live At Budokan" 2004
DREAMTALE "Phoenix" 2008
DREGEN "Dregen" 2013
DROWNING POOL "Resilience" 2013
DUST BOLT "Awake The Riot" 2014
DVAR "Roah" 2002
DYING TEARS "Amnesia" 2001
E.CARGNELUTTI, S.JOHNSON, H.CROSSE "Girls With Guitars" 2015
E.L.O. "Mr.Blue Sky: The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra" 2012
EARTH WIND & FIRE "Live At The Greek Theatre" 2005
EARTH, WIND & FIRE "Holiday" 2014
ECHOES OF ETERNITY "As Shadows Burn" 2009
EDDIE COTTON "Here I Come" 2014
ELDRITCH "Tasting The Tears" 2014
ELECTRIC PRUNES "Original Album Classics" 2013
ELEKTRDORIVE "Big City XX Anniversary" 2012
ELIANA CARGNELUTTI "Electric Woman" 2015
ELIS "Show Me The Way" 2008
ELIS "Griefshire" 2006
ELIS "Catharsis" 2009
ELLISON "Ellison" 1971
ELNABY (Rus) "Рататуя" 2007
ELOY "The Vision,The Sword And The Pyre (Part 1)" 2017
ELVENKING "Red Silent Tides" 2010
ELVIS "Bossa Nova Baby" 2014
ELYSION "Someplace Better" 2014
EMBRAZE "Katharsis" 2002
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER "The Many Faces Of Emerson Lake & Palmer: Before & After Elp / Manticore Records & Influences" 2015
EMILIE AUTUMN "Opheliac" 2007
EMILIE AUTUMN "A Bit O' This & That" 2007
ENCHANT "The Creat Divide" 2014
ENDO "Songs For The Restless" 2003
ENDO "Evolve" 2001
ENGEL "Blood Of Saints" 2012
ENGINEERS "Inpraise Of More" 2010
ENSIFERUM "Unsung Heroes" 2012
ENSLAVED "Vertebrae" 2008
ENTER SHIKARI "Take To The Skies" 2007
EPICA "The Holographic Principle" 2016
EPICA "Requiem For The Indifferent" 2012
EPSILON "Epsilon" 1970
ERA "The 7th Sword" 2017
ERBEN DER SCHOPFUNG "Narben Der Ziet" 2009
ERIC CHURCH "The Outsiders" 2014
ERIC CLAPTON "Crossroads Guitar Festival" 2013
ERIC GALES "Good For Sumthin" 2014
ERIC GALES "Middle Of The Road" 2017
ERIC JOHNSON "Collage" 2017
ERIK TRUFFAZ QUARTET "El Tiempo De La Revolucion" 2012
ERRORHEAD "Modern Hippie" 2008
ESCAPE "Unbreakable" 2012
ETERNAL OATH "Rereleased Hatred" 2006
EUCLID "Heavy Equipment" 1970
EUGE GROOVE "Got 2 Be Groovin" 2014
EUROPE "Walk The Earth" 2017
EVANESCENCE "Evanescence" 2011
EVANESCENCE "Anywhere But Home " 2004
EVENT "Scratching At The Surface" 2004
EVEREVE "Enetics" 2003
EVEREVE "Tried & Failed" 2005
EVERGREY "Monday Mourning Apocalypse" 2006
EVERLAST "Songs Of The Ungrateful Living" 2011
EVERLAST "Love, War And The Ghost Of Whitey Ford" 2008
EVERLAST "White Trash Beautiful" 2004
EVERY TIME I DIE "Gutter Phenomenon" 2007
EVIL MASQUERADE "Pentagram" 2012
EXHUMED "All Guts No Glory" 2011
EXTASY (Rus) "… When She Sleeps" 2009
EXTREME "The Take Us Collection" 2010
EXTREME "Take Us Alive" 2010
FACE TO FACE "Laugh Now Lagh Later" 2011
FACES "Long Player" 1971
FACTORY OF DREAMS "A Strange Utopia" 2009
FAIR WARNING "The Call Of The East" 2006
FAIR WARNING "Sundancer" 2013
FAITH AND THE MUSE "The Burning Season" 2003
FAITH CIRCUS "Turn Up The Band" 2013
FAITHFUL BREATH "Fading Beauty" 1973
FAITHLESS "The Dance Never Ends" 2010
FALL OF SERENITY "The Crossfire" 2007
FALL OUT BOY "Folie A Deux" 2008
FAMILY RAIN "Under The Volcano" 2013
FARMER BOYS "The Other Side" 2004
FASHION PINK "…To Brainstorm SWF-Sessions vol.3" 1970
FASTWAY "Eat Dog Eat" 2012
FATAL FORCE "Uhholy Rites" 2012
FATBOY SLIM "The Greatest Hits" 2006
FATES WARNING "Inside Out" 1994
FB1964 "Stortebeker" 2017
FEAR MY THOUGHTS "Isolation" 2008
FELSENREICH "Am Ende Der Zeit" 2003
FELSENREICH "Tiefe" 2004
FEM (Forza Elettro Motrice) "Sulla Bolla di Sapone" 2014
FERGIE FREDERIKSEN (ex-Toto) "Any Given Moment" 2013
FIELDS OF THE NEPHELIM "Revelations (The Video Collection)" 2004
FIGHT OR FLIGHT (Disturbed, Evans Blue) "A Life By Destign ?" 2013
FIGURE OF SIX "Aion" 2008
FILTER "The Trouble With Angels" 2010
FIND ME "Wings Of Love" 2013
FINNTROLL "Blodsvept" 2013
FIREBALL MINISTRY "Fireball Ministry" 2010
FISH "Fellini Days" 2016
FISH "Raingods With Zippos" 2016
FISH "Sunsets On Empire" 2016
FISH ON FRIDAY "Godspeed" 2014
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "War Is The Answer" 2010
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell, Vol. 2" 2013
FLAMING LIPS "The Terror" 2013
FLASH "Flash" 2013
FLESHCRAWL "Impurity" 1994
FLOWER KINGS "Instant Delivery" 2006
FLOWING TEARS "Serpentine" 2002
FLYLEAF "Memento Mori" 2009
FLYLEAF "New Horrisons" 2012
FOALS "Holy Fire" 2013
FOGALORD "Masters Of War" 2017
FOO FIGHTERS "Concrete And Gold" 2017
FOO FIGHTERS "In Your Honor" 2005
FORGIVE ME NOT (Rus) "Suicide Service (English Version)" 2007
FOUR80EAST "Off Duty" 2012
FRANCE JOLI "France Joli + Tonight "79/80
FRANK FROST & SAM CARR "The Last Of The Jelly Roll Kings" 2007
FRANK SHINER "The Real Me" 2014
FRANK SINATRA "Duets" 2013
FRAY "Scars & Stories" 2011
FRAY "Helios" 2014
FREDDIE ROULETTE "Jamming With Friends" 2013
FROM FIRST TO LAST "Heroine" 2006
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY "Artificial Soldier" 2006
FRONTSIDE "Twilight Of The Gods" 2007
FROST "Falling Satellites" 2016
FROWN "Features And Causes Of The Frozen Origin" 2002
FROZEN AUTUMN "Is Anybody There?" 2006
FUROUS "Uncanny Beats" 2009
FURYON "Gravitas" 2012
FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON "Environments" 2008
FUTUREHEADS "The Futureheads" 2005
GAMMA RAY "Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome - Live In Montreal" 2009
GAMMA RAY "Master Of Confusion" 2013
GARBAGE "Not Your Kind Of People" 2012
GARBAGE "Not Your Kind Of People (Deluxe Edition)" 2012
GARDEN OF DELIGHT "Lutherion III" 2007
GASLINGHT ANTHEM "Handwritten" 2012
GATHERING "The West Pole" 2009
GATHERING "Disclosure" 2012
GATHERING "Afterwords" 2013
GENERATION KILL (Exodus) "We Re All Gonna Die" 2013
GENESIS "The Mama Tour Live - 1985" 2007
GENESIS "The Many Faces Of Genesis" 2015
GEOFF TATE (ex-Queensryche) "Kings & Thieves" 2012
GEORGE ANDERSON "Positivly" 2009
GEORGE HARRISON "Early Takes Volume 1: Music From The Martin Scorsese Picture Living In The Material World (Soundtrack)" 2012
GEORGE THOROGOOD "Party Of One" 2017
GEORGES CABLES TRIO "New York Concerto" 2001
GERALD ALBRIGHT "Slam Dunk" 2014
GHOST BRIGADE "Iv . One With The Storm" 2014
GIGERPIG "Hidden From Viem" 2013
GITANE DEMONE "Stars Of Trash" 1999
GLASS PRISM "Poe Trough The Glass Prism" 1969
GLASSJAW "Worship And Tribute" 2002
GLENN HUGHES "Resonate" 2016
GLENN HUGHES "Underground Nuclear Kitchen" 2008
GLOBAL METAL "Глобальный Метал" 2009
GOD DETHRONED "The Toxic Touch" 2006
GOD FORBID "Earthsblood" 2009
GODHEAD "At The Edge Of The World" 2009
GODS "To Samuel A Son" 1969
GODSMACK" 1000 HP" 2014
GODSMACK "The Other Side" 2004
GODSMACK "The Oracle" 2010
GOGOL BORDELLO "Pura Vida Conspiragy" 2013
GONG "Flying Teapot" 1973
GOOD CHARLOTTE "The Chronicle Of Life & Death" 2004
GOOD CHARLOTTE "Cardiology" 2010
GORDON GOODWIN'S BIG PHAT BAND "A Big Phat Christmas" 2015
GORILLAZ "The Fall" 2011
GOTHIC SPIRITS Vol.2 "Nightwish, Serenity, Dimmu Borgir и др." 2009
GOTTHARD "Silver (Deluxe Edition)" 2017
GOV'T MULE "Shout!" 2013
GRAFFITI6 "Colours" 2012
GRAN TURISMO VELOCE "Di Carne, Di Anima" 2011
GRAVEWORM "Scourge Of Malice" 2001
GREAT DECEIVER "Terra Incognito" 2004
GREAT DECEIVER "A Venom Well Designed" 2002
GREEN DAY "Revolution Radio" 2016
GREEN DAY "Dos" 2012
GREG HOWE "Wheelhouse" 2017
GREGG KARUKAS "Soul Secrets" 2014
GREGORIAN "The Dark Side Of The Chant" 2010
GRIM REAPER "Walking In The Shadows" 2016
GRIZZLY BEAR "Shields" 2012
GRUPA 220 "Slike" 1975
GUN "Favourite Pleasures" 2017
GUN "Gun" 1968
GUNS 'N' ROSES "Chinese Democracy" 2008
GUNS 'N' ROSES "The Many Faces Of Guns'n'roses: The Family Tree 1 & 2" 2015
GWAR "Bloody Pit Of Horror" 2010
GWAR "Lust In Space" 2009
GYPSY PISTOLEROS "Welcome To The Hotel De La Muerte" 2010
H.LYNN KITCHENS "Album Of The Year" 2013
HALIE LOREN "After Dark" 2010
HAMMERFALL "Rebels With A Cause" 2008
HANGING GARDEN "Inherit the Eden" 2007
HARD DRIVER "Freedom Machine" 2017
HARDLINE "Human Nature" 2016
HAREM SCAREM "Thirteen" 2014
HARRY CONNICK JR. "Every Man Should Know" 2013
HARRY СONNICK JR. "Smokey" 2013
HART RAMSEY "My Next Heartbeat" 2011
HARTMANN (Avantasia, Freedom Call) "Balance" 2012
HATE ETERNAL "Fury & Flames" 2008
HATE ETERNAL "I Monarch" 2005
HATEBREED "The Divinity Of Purpose" 2013
HATESPHERE "Bloodred Hafred" 2002
HAUNTED "Haunted" 1998
HAWKWIND "Hall Of The Mountain" 1974
HEART "Private Audition" 1982
HEARTISTS "Feeding Fiction" 2014
HEAVEN & EARTH "Hard To Kill" 2017
HEAVEN BELOW (Udo Dirkschneider, Lita Ford) "Good Morning Apocalypse" 2016
HEAVEN'S CRY "Primal Power Addiction" 2002
HEIMATAERDE "Kadavergehorsam" 2006
HELIX "Vagabond Bones" 2010
HELL "Curse & Chapter" 2013
HELL IN THE CLUB (ex-Elvenking, Secret Sphere) "Let The Game Begin" 2011
HELL IS FOR HEROES "Transmit Disrupt" 2006
HELLDORADOS "Helldorados" 2012
HELMET "Seeing Eye Dog" 2010
HELSTAR "Vampiro" 2016
HIDEOUS SUN DEMONS "Hideous Sun Demons" 2002
HIGH HEELS "High Heels" 2013
HIGH ON FIRE "De Vermis Mysterlis" 2012
HIGH TIDE "The Flood" 1976
HIGHER GROUND "Gravity" 2013
HINDER "Welcome To The Freakshow" 2012
HIRSH GARDNER (ex-Warrior) "My Brain Needs A Holiday" 2017
HIVES "Lex Hives" 2012
HOGWASH "Old's Cool, New's Cool" 2008
HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS "Excess All Areas" 2012
HOLLYWOOD MONSTER "Capture The Sun" 2016
HOOBASTANK "Every Man For Himself" 2006
HOTEL PERSONA (Placebo) "In The Clouds" 2008
HOUSE OF DUES "Cross That Line" 2013
HOUSE OF LORDS "Saint Of The Lost Souls" 2017
HUMAN INSTINCT "Stoned Guitar" 1970
HUMAN INSTINCT "Pins In It" 1971
HURT "The Crux" 2012
HYPOCRISY "End Of Disclosure" 2013
I AM GHOST "We Are Always Searching" 2006
IAN GILLAN "The Glory Years" 2008
ICARUS WITCH "Rise" 2012
ICECROSS "Icecross" 1973
ICON OF COIL "Serenity Is The Devil" 2000
ICON OF COIL "The Soul Is In The Software" 2002
IGGY POP "Apres" 2012
IKON "Destroying The World To Save It.." 2005
IL TEMPIO DELLE CLESSIDRE "Il Tempo Delle Clessidro" 2010
ILL NINO "One Nation Underground" 2005
IMMORTAL "At the Heart of Winter" 1999
IMPALED "Death After Life" 2005
IMPALED "The Last Gasp" 2007
IMPERA "Legacy Of Life" 2012
IN EXTREMO "Kunstraub" 2013
IN MY ROSARY "Your World Is a Flower" 2004
IN STRICT CONFIDENCE "Where Sun And Moon Unite" 2006
IN THIS MOMENT "Black Widow" 2014
INA FORSMAN "Ina Forsman" 2016
INCUBUS "Volume 2" 2002
INCUBUS "Monuments And Melodies" 2009
INCUBUS "Incubus HQ Live (Special Edition)" 2012
INEXIST (Rus) "Навстречу Мечте" 2008
INFERNAL ANGELS "Shining Evil Light" 2006
INTO ETERNITY "The Scattering of Ashes" 2006
INTO ETERNITY "The Incurable Tragedy" 2008
INVISIBLE INCURSION "Invisible Incursion" 2008
IRON MAIDEN "The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter" 2017
IRON MAIDEN "The Book Of Souls" 2015
IT DIES TODAY "Sirens" 2006
J.J. BURNET "Roll On" 2012
JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR (ex-Virgin Steele) "Defiance" 2009
JAG PANZER "The Deviant Chord" 2017
JAMES CHRISTIAN (ex-House of Lords) "Lay It All On Me" 2013
JAMES HUNTER SIX "Munute By Mitute" 2013
JAMIE PAUL "Melancholy Baby" 2011
JANE AIR (Rus) "Sex & Violence" 2007
JANE AIR (Rus) "Live" 2005
JANE'S ADDICTION "The Great Escape Artist" 2011
JARBOE "Justin Broadrick" 2008
JAVELIN "Fragments Of The Inner Shadow" 2013
JEFF BECK "Rock'n'roll Party (Honoring Les Paul)" 2011
JEFF BECK "At Ronnie Scott Jazz Club London (Uk 2007)" 2008
JEFF BECK "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" 2017
JEFF BERLIN "High Standards" 2010
JEFF GREEN PROJECT (ex-Pallas) "Elder Creek" 2014
JEFF HEALEY "Heal My Soul" 2016
JEFF HEALEY "Last Call" 2010
JEFF SCOTT SOTO "One Night In Madrid" 2010
JEMES CARTER "Caribean Rhapsody" 2011
JERICHO JONES "Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys" 1972
JERRY LEE LEWIS "Greatest Live In 50s, 60s, And 70s" 2008
JESUS ON EXTASY "Beloved Enemy" 2008
JETHRO TULL "Live At Madison Square Garden 1978" 2009
JETT BLACK "Disguises" 2015
JILLSON "Deadly Girl" 1990
JIM HALL & PAT METHENY "Jim Hall & Pat Metheny" 2011
JIM JIDHED (ex-Alien) "Jim" 1990
JIM SUNWEED (Rus) "More Than Just" 2006
JIMMY HASLIP & JOE VANNELLI "Jimmy Haslip feat. Joe Vannelli" 2011
JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT "Walking Into Clarksdale" 1998
JIMMY WEBB "Still Within The Sound Of My Voice" 2013
JOB FOR A COWBOY "Genesis" 2007
JOE BONAMASSA "Dust Bowl" 2011
JOE BONAMASSA "Sloe Gin" 2004
JOE BONAMASSA "The Best Of" 2000
JOE COCKER "Live At Montreux (Bonus Clip Collection)" 2009
JOE GRANSDEN WITH BIG BAND & STRINGS "Songs Of Sinatra & Friends" 2014
JOE JACKSON "The Duke" 2012
JOE LYNN TURNER "Live In Istanbul 2006" 2009
JOE SATRIANI "Live In Paris" 2009
JOEY DEFRANCESCO "Never Can Say Goodbye" 2010
JOHN BUTLER TRIO "Flesh+Blood" 2014
JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Smile From The Streets You Hold" 1997
JOHN HACKETT "Another Life" 2015
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN "Black Light (Japan Edition)" 2015
JOHNNY LANG "Live At Montreaux 1999" 2008
JOKER "Joker" 1990
JOKER "Cool Dead" 1992
JON ANDERSON "Survival & Other Stories" 2011
JONNY LANG "Signs" 2017
JORDAN RUDESS (Dream Theater) "4 NYC" 2002
JULY REIGN "Here Comes The Flood" 2016
KADAVAR "Rough Times" 2017
KAI HANSEN "XXX - Three Decades In Metal" 2016
KAIPA "Children Of The Sounds" 2017
KAISER CHIEFS "The Future Is Medieval" 2011
KAISER CHIEFS "Off With Their Heads" 2008
KAISER CHIEFS "Genuine " 2014
KALEDON "Antillius: The King Of The Light" 2014
KAMELOT "Poetry For The Poisoned" 2010
KANSAS "Device-Voice-Drum (Live In Atlanta)" 2002
KARA GRAIGER "Shiver & Sigh" 2013
KAREN SILVER "Hold On, I'm Coming" 1981
KARNIVOOL "Asymmetry" 2013
KATAKLYSM "Prevail" 2008
KATATONIA "Dethroned & Uncrowed" 2013
KATJA RIECKERMANN "Never Stand Still" 2015
KATRA "Beast Within" 2008
KAYAK "Merlin - Bard Of The Unseen" 2003
KAYAK "Anywhere But Here" 2011
KEE OF HEARTS (Kee Marcello & Tommy Heart) "Kee Of Hearts" 2017
KEITH RICHARDS (Rolling Stones) "Crosseyed Heart" 2015
KELLY RICHEY "Shakedown Soul" 2016
KEMET "Dying With Elegance" 2001
KEN HENSLEY "Running Blind" 2002
KEN HENSLEY (ex-Uriah Heep) "Glimpse Of Glory" 1999
KENNY GARRETT "Pushing The World Away" 2013
KETTLESPIDER "Avadante" 2012
KEVIN BILCHIK BAND "Thirteen Stories Tall" 2015
KID ROCK "Born Free" 2010
KILLERS "Live From Royal Albert Hall" 2009
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Disarm The Descent" 2013
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Killswitch Engage" 2009
KIM WATERS "This Heart Of Mine" 2011
KING 810 "Memoirs Of A Murderer" 2014
KING CRIMSON "Larks' Tongues In Aspic" 1973
KINGDOM "Just A Soul" 2013
KINGDOM COME "Kingdom Come" 1988
KINGDOM COME "In Your Face" 1989
KINGDOM OF SORROW "Behind The Blakest Tears" 2010
KIRLIAN CAMERA "Coroners Sun" 2007
KISS "Dressed To Kill (Japan Edition)" 1975
KITTIE "Oracle" 2001
KITTIE "In The Black" 2009
KIX "Cool Kids" 1982
KMFDM "Hell Yeah" 2017
KMFDM "Krieg" 2010
KORN "The Path Of Totality" 2011
KORN "The Paradigm Shift" 2013
KORNI GRUPA "Korni Grupa" 1972
KOTIPELTO & LIIMATAINEN "Blackoustic" 2012
KOVENANT "Seti" 2003
KULA SHAKER "K2.0" 2016
KUNI (feat. Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, Mike Terrana, Jeff Scott Soto) "Rock" 2011
L.A.GUNS "The Missing Peace" 2017
L.R.S. "Down To The Core (Japan Edition)" 2014
LA COSCIENZA DI ZERO "Sersitivita" 2013
LA COSCIENZA DI ZERO "La Coscienza Di Zero" 2011
LA FEE "Shut Up" 2008
LA ROUX "Trouble In Paradise" 2014
LACRIMOSA "Revolution" 2012
LACUNA COIL "Shallow Life" 2009
LACUNA COIL "Karmacode" 2006
LAIBACH "Also Sprach Zarathustra" 2017
LAIBACH "Iron Sky" 2012
LAMB OF GOD "Resolution" 2012
L'AME IMMORTELLE "Als Die Liebe Starb" 2003
L'AME IMMORTELLE "In Einer Zukunft Aus Tranen Und Stahl" 1999
L'AME IMMORTELLE "Namenlos" 2008
L'AME IMMORTELLE "Momente" 2012
L'AME IMMORTELLE "Auf Deinen Schwingen" 2006
LAMIA "Dark Angel" 2003
LANCER "Second Storm" 2015
LANESLIDE "Flyng High" 2013
LAO TIZER "Downbeat" 2012
LATE OF THE PIER "Fantasy Black Channel" 2008
LAVALLE "Dear Sanity" 2013
LAWLESS (ex-Demon, Headrush) "Rise" 2014
LAZY BONEZ "Alive" 2016
LEAFBLADE (ex-Anathema) "Kiss Of Spirit & Flesh" 2013
LEAVES EYES "Lovelorn" 2004
LED ZEPPELIN "In Through The Out Door (Remastered 2015)" 2015
LED ZEPPELIN "Presence (Remastered 2015)" 2015
LED ZEPPELIN "Coda (Remastered 2015)" 2015
LED ZEPPELIN "IV (Remastered 2015)" 2014
LED ZEPPELIN "Encoium: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin" 1995
LED ZEPPELIN "Black Dog: A Tribute To Led Zeppelins Greatest Hits" 2015
LEE MICHAELS "Carnival Of Life" 1968
LEGBA'S MOJO "Legba's Mojo" 2013
LENG TCHE "Hypomanic" 2010
LEONARD COHEN "Songs From A Room" 1969
LEONARD COHEN "Recent Songs" 1979
LES DUDEK (The Allman Brothers) "Delta Breeze" 2013
LES PAUL "Live In New York" 2009
LEVIATHAN "Leviathan" 1974
LIARS "Mess" 2014
LIBERTY'N'JUSTICE "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" 2012
LIFE OF AGONY "Broken Valley" 2005
LIFESIGNS "Cardington" 2017
LIMELIGHT "Limelight" 1980
LINDEMANN (Rammstein, Pain) "Skills In Pills" 2015
LINEA 77 "Numb" 2003
LINKIN PARK & JAY-Z "Collision Course" 2004
LIONVILLE "A World Of Fools" 2017
LIQUID GANG "Sunshine" 2000
LIQUID STEEL "Fire In The Sky" 2014
LIQUIDO "Float" 2005
LITTLE ATLAS "Automatic Day" 2013
LITTLE CAESAR "Redemption" 2010
LITTLE FEAT "Rooster Rag" 2012
LIV KRISTINE "Libertine" 2012
LIVE AT WACKEN 2013" 24 Years Louder Than Hell" 2013
LIVING COLOUR "Collidescope" 2003
LIVING CORPSE "Metaphysical Collapse" 2010
LIZZY BORDEN "Love You To Pieces" 1985
LONEWOLF "Raised On Metal" 2017
LONEWOLF "The Heathen Dawn" 2016
LOST SOCIETY "Terror Hungry" 2014
LOSTPROPHETS "The Betrayed" 2010
LOSTPROPHETS "Weapons" 2012
LOUDNESS "Eye To Dawn" 2012
LOVE LIKE BLOOD "Snakekiller" 1998
LOVE LIKE BLOOD "Enslaven + Condemned" 2000
LOVE WITHIN "Beyond" 2014
LOVERBOY "Rock'n'roll Revival" 2012
LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY "Ascending To Infinity" 2012
LULLACRY "Where Angels Fear" 2012
LUNATIC SCALE (Rus) "Стены" 2006
LUNATIC SOUL "Fractured" 2017
LUST (Rus) "My Dear Emptiness" 2005
LYNCH MOB "The Brotherhood" 2017
LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Live From Freedom Hall" 2010
LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Live From Austin Tx 1999" 2006
M.ILL.ION "Sane And Insanity" 2011
MACABRE "Grim Scary Tales" 2011
MACHINE "Machine" 1970
MACHINEMADE GOD "The Infinity Complex" 2006
MADAM X "Monstrocity" 2017
MADDER MORTEM "Desiderata" 2006
MAGELLAN "Symphony For A Misanthrope" 2005
MAGIC BUS "Phillip The Egg" 2017
MAGMA "Felicite Thosz" 2012
MAGNE F (Magne Furuholmen) "Past Perfect Future Tense" 2005
MAGNUM "Livin' The Dream" 2005
MAHOGANY FROG "Senna" 2012
MAIDEN UNITED "Remebrance" 2015
MAN ON FIRE "Chrysalis" 2011
MAN WITHOUT WAX "Anchor" 2008
MANDRAKE "Mary Celeste" 2008
MANIC DEPRESSION (Rus) "Planned Spiritual Decay" 2006
MANILLA ROAD "Mysterium" 2013
MANILLA ROAD "Playground Of The Damned" 2011
MANOWAR "Thunder In The Sky" 2010
MARBLE ARCH "Another Sunday Bright" 2002
MARCHING MIND "The Sickness And The Theory" 2012
MARCO MINNEMANN "Borrego" 2017
MARILYN MANSON "Born Villan" 2012
MARILYN MENSON "The High End Of Low" 2009
MARILYN SCOTT "Every Time We Say Goodbye" 2010
MARK ANTOINE "Guitar Destiny" 2012
MARK STERHENS "The Dream Of The Peaceful Warrior" 2011
MAROON 5 "Friday The 13th" 2006
MARS VOLTA "Noctourniquet" 2012
MARSALIS FAMILY "Music Redeems" 2010
MASCHINE "Rubidium" 2013
MASSIVE ATTACK "Heligoland" 2010
MASTERCASTLE "Enfer [De La Bibliothèque Nationale]" 2014
MATCHING MOLE "Little Red Record" 1972
MATCHING MOLE "Matching Mole" 1972
MAXX EXPLOSION (ex-House Of Lords, Dokken) "Forever" 2013
MEAT LOAF "3 Bats Live" 2007
MECCA "III" 2016
MEGADETH "Rust In Peace Live" 2010
MEGADETH "Countdown To Extinction" 1992
MEGAHERZ "Zombieland" 2014
MENDEED "This War Will Last Forever" 2006
MEPHISTO WALZ "Immersion" 1998
MEPHISTO WALZ "Insidious" 2004
MEPHISTO WALZ "Thalia" 1995
MERCILESS "The Treasures Within" 1992
MESHIAAK "Alliance Of Thieves" 2016
MESHUGGAH "The Violent Sleep Of Reason" 2016
MESHUGGAH "Alive" 2010
MESHUGGAH "Koloss" 2012
MESSENGER (Primal Fear) "Star Wolf. Pt. 1: The Messengers" 2013
METAL INQUISITOR "Ultima Ratio Regins" 2014
METALLICA "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct" 2016
METALLICA "And Justice Forall" 1988
METALLICA "Through The Never" 2013
METALLICA "Puppet Masters: A Millennium Tribute Metallicas" 2014
METHODS OF MAYHEM "A Public Disservice Announcement" 2010
MGMT "Mgmt" 2013
MIC GILLETE BAND (ex-Tower Of Power) "Turning Two" 2015
MICAH "I'm Only One Man" 1971
MICHAEL BUBLE "Chrismas" 2011
MICHAEL FEINSTEIN "The Sinatra Project, Vol II - The Good Live" 2011
MICHAEL FRANKS "Time Together" 2011
MICHAEL MONROE "Blackout States" 2015
MICHAEL MONROE (ex-Hanoi Rocks) "Sensory Overdrive" 2011
MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP "Written In The Sand" 1996
MICHEL CAMILO "Mano A Mano" 2011
MICK JAGGER "Wandering Spirit" 1993
MIDNIGHT OIL "Flat Chat" 2007
MIKE LEDONNE "Keep The Faith" 2011
MIKE SHERIDAN & THE NIGHTRIDERS "Birmingham Beat 1963-1965" 1967
MIKE SNOWDEN "Cigar Box Guitar Evil" 2012
MIKE TRAMP (ex-White Lion) "Maybe Tomorrow" 2017
MILES DAVIS "Sorcerer" 1967
MILES DAVIS "Miles In The Sky" 1968
MILES DAVIS "Water Babies" 1976
MILLENCOLIN "Machine 15" 2008
MILLION $ RELOAD "A Sinners Saint" 2012
MIND KEY "Pulse For A Graveheart" 2009
MINDCAGE "Our Own Devices" 2013
MINDSPLIT "Charmed Human Art Of Significance" 2010
MINOTAURO (ex-Malmsteen, Primal Fear) "Master Of The Sea" 2013
MISANTHROPE "Sadistic Sex Daemon" 2003
MISFITS "The Devil's Rain" 2011
MISS BEHAVIOUR "Ghost Play" 2016
MISS CRAZY "Inception" 2015
MISSUS BEASTLY "Swf-Session 1974" 1974
MNEMIC "Sons Of The System" 2009
MOBY "Play: The DVD" 2001
MOBY "Innocents" 2013
MOBY "Wait For Me" 2009
MONKEY 3 "5th Sun" 2013
MONO INC. "Viva Hades" 2011
MONSTER MAGNET "Mastermind" 2010
MONSTERS OF METAL "The Ultimate Metal Compilation Vol.3" 2005
MONSTERS OF METAL "The Ultimate Metal Compilation Vol.5" 2006
MONSTROSITY "Millenium" 1995
MONTE PITTMAN "The Power Of Three" 2014
MOONSPELL "Memorial (Bootleg)" 2009
MOONSPELL "The Antidote" 2003
MOPS "Psychedelic Sounds In Japan" 1968
MORBID ANGEL "Heretic" 2003
MORCHEEBA "Head Up High" 2013
MORILD "Aves" 2013
MORK GRYNING "Mork Gryning" 2006
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST "Embers Of A Dying World" 2017
MORTAL LOVE "Forever Will Be Give" 2006
MORTIIS "The Grudge " 2004
MORTUS "Exploring New Horizons" 2002
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD "Merciless" 2007
MOTIONS "Impressions Of Wonderful 1965 - 1967" 1993
MOTORHEAD "Under Cover" 2017
MOURNFUL GUST "She's My Grief" 2005
MPIRE OF EVIL (ex-Venom) "Hell To The Holy" 2012
MR. BIG "…The Stories We Could Tell" 2014
MUM "Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is Ok" 2005
MUMFORD & SONS "Babel" 2012
MURDER OF MY SWEET "Divanity" 2010
MURDER OF MY SWEET "Bye Bye Lullaby" 2012
MUSHROOM RIVER BAND "Simsalabim" 2009
MUSHROOMHEAD "Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children" 2010
MUTINY WITHIN "Mutiny Within" 2010
MY DYING BRIDE "34,788%..." 1998
MY SHAMEFUL "Of All The Wrong Things" 2003
MY SOLID GROUND "Swf-Session+Bonus Album 2001" 1971
MYTHODEA "Mythodea" 2013
NAILY (Rus) "Холод Распятого Сердца" 2008
NAIO SSAION "Out Loud" 2006
NAPALM DEATH "Apex Predator - Easy Meat" 2015
NASTY IDOLS (Andy Pierce, Dick Qwarfort) "Kalifornia" 2012
NAZARETH "Nazareth" 1971
NAZARETH "No Jive" 1991
NEAL BLACK & LARRY GARNER "Guilty Saints" 2016
NEBELHEXE "Essensual" 2006
NEEDTOBREATHE "Rivers In The Wasteland" 2014
NEIL DIAMOND "Dreams" 2010
NEIL DIAMOND "Melody Road" 2014
NEKTAR "Journey To The Centre Of The Eye" 1971
NEKTAR "Time Machine" 2013
NELLY FURTADO "Loose" 2006
NENIA CALLADHAN "Nenia Calladhan" 2002
NEONFLY "Strangers In Paradise" 2014
NEVADA TAN "Niemand Hort Dich" 2007
NEW DAWN FOUNDATION "Moment Of Clarity" 2007
NEW MODEL ARMY "Between Wine & Blood" 2014
NEW ORDER "Music Complete" 2015
NIACIN "Krush" 2013
NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA "Internal Affairs" 2012
NIGHTWISH "Showtime, Storytime" 2013
NIGHTWISH "End Of An Era (Dvd) - 2006" 2006
NIGHTWISH "Amaranth" 2007
NIGHTWISH "Made In Hong Kong And In Various Other Places" 2009
NIGHTWISH "End Of Innecence" 2003
NIGHTWISH "Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)" 2009
NIGHTWISH "Wishsides" 2005
NIGHTWISH "Imaginaerum" 2011
NIGHTWISH "Imaginarum (The Score)" 2012
NIK PAGE "Rocket Queen" 2009
NIK TURNER (ex-Hawkwind) "Life In Space" 2017
NINE BLACK ALPS "Everything Is" 2005
NINE INCH NAILS "Year Zero" 2007
NINE INCH NAILS "Hesitation Marks" 2013
NIVA (Tony Niva) "Magnitude" 2013
NO BROS "Ready For The Action" 2015
NO DOUBT "Push And Shove" 2012
NO LOVE LOST "No Love Lost" 2013
NOFX "Never Trust A Hippy" 2006
NOFX "Coaster" 2009
NOMANS LAND "Raven Flight" 2006
NORDVARGR "Awaken" 2003
NOTHGARD "The Sinner's Sake" 2016
NOZOMU WAKAI'S DESTINIA "Requiem For A Scream" 2015
NUCLEAR ASSAULT "Handle With Care" 1989
O.Z. "Transition State" 2017
OBITUARY "The End Complete" 1992
OBLIVEON "From This Day Forward" 1990
OBSESSED "Sacred" 2017
OBSESSION "Order Of Chaos" 2012
OLD DEAD TREE "The Nameless Disease" 2003
OLD MAN'S CHILD "Slaves Of The World" 2009
OMD "English Electric" 2013
OMEGA "Csillagok Utjan-Skyrover" 1977
OMEGA LITHIUM "Kinetik" 2011
ONLY CHILD "Only Child" 1988
OOMPH! "Des Wahnsinns Fette Buete" 2012
OPERATION: MINDCRIME "Resurrection" 2016
ORDINARY BOYS "Brassbound" 2005
ORENDA "A Tale Of A Tortured Soul" 2008
ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK "Transporter (The Score)" 2002
ORNITHOS "La Trasfigurazione" 2012
ORPHANED LAND "The Never Ending Way Of Orwarrior" 2010
OSANNA "Landscape of Life (Japan Remastered 2009)" 1974
OSANNA "Osanna (L'Uomo) (Japan Remastered 2009)" 1971
OVERKILL "Killbox 13" 2003
OVERKILL "Immortalis" 2007
OVERKILL "White Devil Armory" 2014
OVERKILL "Bloodletting" 2000
OVERKILL "Taking Over" 1987
OVERKILL "The Grinding Wheel" 2017
P.J.HARVEY "Uh Huh Her" 2005
P.J.HARVEY "The Hope Sixdemolition Project" 2016
P.J.HARVEY "Let England Shake" 2011
P.O.D. "Testify" 2006
PAIN "Pain " 1996
PAIN "Coming Home" 2016
PAIN OF SALVATION" 12:05" 2004
PAIN OF SALVATION "On The Two Death (OST)" 2009
PANDORA "Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno" 2011
PANIC! AT THE DISCO "Vices & Virtues" 2011
PANIK "Panik" 2009
PANTERA "Cowboys From Hell" 1990
PANTERA "Far Beyond Driven" 1994
PANTERA "The Great Southern Trendkill" 1996
PANZER "Fatal Command" 2017
PANZER "Fatal Command" 2017
PAPA ROACH "Crooked Teeth" 2017
PARADISE LOST "The Anatomy Of Melancholy" 2008
PARADISE LOST "In Requiem" 2007
PARADISE LOST "In Requiem" 2007
PARADISE LOST "Tragic Idol" 2012
PARADISE LOST "Gothic (Remastered 2008)" 1991
PARADISE LOST "Shades Of God" 1992
PARADISE LOST "One Second" 1997
PARIAH "The Kindred" 1988
PARIAH "Unity" 1997
PARZIVAL "Anathema Maranatha" 2000
PASSPORT "Garden Of Eden" 1979
PASSPORT "Man In The Mirror" 1983
PASSPORT "Oceanliner" 1980
PASSPORT "Running In Real Time" 1985
PASSPORT "Sky Blue" 1978
PAT MCMANUS "Live … And In Time" 2009
PAT METHENY "The Orchestrion" 2013
PATRIC LAMB "It's All Righ Now" 2011
PATRICK WOOLAM "Long Time Coming" 2014
PAUL BRENDON LILE "What I Was Longing For" 2011
PAUL BROWN "Truth B Told" 2014
PAUL HARDCASTLE "Movin & Groovin" 2014
PAUL McCARTNEY "Pipes Of Peace" 1983
PAUL MCCARTNEY & YOUTH "The Fireman: Electric Arguments" 2008
PAUL OAKENFOLD "Dreamstate Vol. 1" 2017
PAUL SABU "Bangkok Rules" 2012
PAUL VAN DYK "Hands on in Between" 2008
PAVLOV'S DOG "Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried? (Remastered)" 2007
PAVLOV'S DOG "Lost In America (Remastered)" 1990
PEARL JAM "Pearl Jam" 2006
PENNYWISE "The Fuse" 2005
PENNYWISE "Reason To Believe" 2008
PENUMBRA "Seclusion" 2003
PENUMBRA "The Last Bewitchment" 2002
PERIMETER (Rus) "Healing By Festering" 2006
PERIMETER (Rus) "Odium Humani Generis" 2008
PERSEFONE "Aathma" 2017
PESTILENCE "Consuming Impulse" 1989
PET SHOP BOYS "Very (Deluxe Edition)" 1993
PETE YORK & YOUNG FRIENDS "Basiecally Speaking" 2013
PETER WHITE "Here We Go" 2012
PETTALOM "The Wine Of The Night" 2000
PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) "Emotional Tattoos" 2017
PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) "Emotional Tattoos" 2017
PHILIP H.ANSELMO (ex-Pantera) "Walk Through Exits Only" 2013
PHILL PERRY "A Better Man" 2015
PHOENIX "Bankrupt" 2013
PINEFOREST CRUNCH "Water Garden" 1997
PINK CREAM 69 "Past & Present" 2010
PINK CREAM 69 "Headstrong" 2017
PINK CREAM 69 "Endangered (Remastered 2004)" 2004
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 1 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 2 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 3 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 4 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 5 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000
PINK FLOYD "Cre/Ation: The Early Years 1967 - 1972" 2016
PINK FLOYD "The Wall (Remastered KronStudioLab 2015)" 1979
PLACEBO "Loud Like Love" 2013
PLATENS "Out Of The World (Japan Edition)" 2014
PLATINUM "Iceman" 1990
PLATITUDE "Silence Speaks" 2006
PLEYMO "Episode 2: Medecine Cake" 2001
PLEYMO "Alphabet Prison" 2006
PLEYMO "Rock" 2003
POETS OF THE FALL "Clearview" 2016
POLICE "Greatest Video Hits" 2008
POLTERGEIST "Back To Haunt" 2016
POODLES "In The Flesh" 2011
POP MASINA "Kiselina" 1973
POP MASINA "Na Izvoru Svetlosti" 1975
POPA CHUBBY "Two Dogs" 2017
PREDATOR "Born In Blood" 2011
PRETTY MAIDS "Kingmakep" 2016
PRIDE OF LIONS "Live In Belgium" 2006
PRIDE OF LIONS "Immortal" 2012
PRIMAL SСREAM "Riot City Blues Tour" 2008
PRIME TIME FUNK "Hear And Now" 2012
PRIMER 55 "(the) New Release" 2001
PRIMITIVES "Maladjusted" 2001
PRODIGY "Worlds On Fire" 2011
PROFESSIONAL MURDER MUSIC "Professional Murder Music" 2001
PROG COLLECTIVE "Epilogue" 2013
PROJECT 86 "Wait For The Siren" 2012
PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX "When We Are Done Your Flesh Will Be Ours" 2001
PROJECT PITCHFORK "Russian Existence (A Tribute To Project Pitchfork)" 2005
PROJECT PITCHFORK "Dream, Tiresias!" 2009
PRONG "Carved Into Stone" 2012
PROPAGANDHI "Potemkin City Limits" 2005
PRO-PAIN "The Truth Hurts" 1994
PRO-PAIN "Straight To The Dome" 2012
PROTEST THE HERO "Volition" 2013
PROTOZOA (Rus) "Компромат + дефлорация" 2004
PSYOPUS "Odd Senses" 2009
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. (P.I.L.) "This Is P.I.L." 2012
PUDDLE OF MUDD "Life On Display" 2003
PUDDLE OF MUDD "Re:(Disc)Overed" 2011
PUISSANCE "Grace Of God" 2007
PUNGENT STENCH "For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh" 1990
PUNGENT STENCH "Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats" 1993
PUNTO OMEGA "Nostalgias Del Origen" 2007
PURE REASON REVOLUTION "Amor Vincit Omnia" 2009
PURITY "Dear Evelyn" 2004
PURPENDICULAR "Venus To Volcanus" 2017
QNTAL "VII" 2014
QUEEN + PAUL ROGERS "The Cosmos Rocks" 2008
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE "…Like Clockwork" 2013
QUEENSRYCHE "Condition Human" 2015
QUIET FIVE "When The Morning Sun Dries The Dew" 2006
QUIET RIOT "Road Rage" 2017
QUIREBOYS "White Trash Blues" 2017
QUIREBOYS "Beatiful Curse" 2013
RADIO CAMBODIA (Rus) "Стеклянные Баррикады Сердец" 2007
RADIOHEAD "7 Television Commercials" 2003
RAGE OF ANGELS (ex-Bad Company, Asia, Ten, Tyketto) "Dream World" 2013
RAGGED SAINTS "The Sound Of Breaking Free" 2013
RAMMSTEIN "Videos 1995–2012" 2013
RAMMSTEIN "The Videos 1995-2009" 2009
RAMMSTEIN "Made In Germany" 2011
RAMSEY LEWIS "Play The Beatles Songbook" 2010
RANDALL BRAMBLETT (Traffic, Sea Level) "The Bright Spots" 2013
RARE EARTH "One World" 1971
RA'S DAWN "Scales Of Judgement" 2006
RATT "Invasion Of Your Privacy (24Bit Japan Remastered)" 1985
RATTLES "The Singles" 2014
RAVEN "Walk Through Fire" 2010
RAVEONETTES "Observator" 2012
RAZOR "Custom Killing" 1987
RAZORLIGHT "Slipway Fires" 2008
REBELSTAR "Rebelstar II" 2014
RED 7 "Red" 2009
REGINA CARTER "Southern Comfort" 2014
REV THEORY "Justice" 2011
REVOLUTION SAINTS "Light In The Dark (Deluxe Edition)" 2017
REX BROWN "Smoke On This" 2017
RHAPSODY "Rhapsody Of Fire: Visions From The Enchanted Lands" 2007
RHAPSODY OF FIRE "Visions From The Enchanted Lands" 2007
RICHIE KOTZEN" 24 Hours" 2011
RICHIE KOTZEN "I'm Comin' Out" 2011
RICHIE SAMBORA (Bon Jovi) "Aftermath Of The Lowdown" 2012
RICK WAKEMAN "The Other Side Of Rick Wakeman" 2008
RICK WAKEMAN "Return To The Centre Of The Earth" 1999
RIFLES "Great Escape" 2009
RINGO STARR "Postcards From Paradise" 2015
RINGWORM "Scars" 2011
RIPPED "Ripped" 2010
RIPPINGTONS "Cote D' Azur" 2011
RIPPINGTONS "Built To Last" 2012
RIPPINGTONS "Fountain Of Youth" 2014
RISE AGAINST "Wolves" 2017
RISE AGAINST "The Black Market" 2014
ROB ZOMBIE "Educated Horses" 2006
ROB ZOMBIE "American Made Music To Strip By" 1999
ROB ZOMBIE "Hellbilly Deluxe 2" 2010
ROB ZOMBIE "Mondo Sex Head" 2012
ROB ZOMBIE "Educated Horses" 2006
ROBERT BERRY "Prime Cuts" 2006
ROBERT FRIPP & BRIAN ENO "Evening Star" 1975
ROBERT PLANT "Balck Dog (Live In Serbia)" 2011
ROBERT PLANT "Carry Fire" 2017
ROBERT PLANT "Lulaby And The Ceaseless Roar" 2014
ROBERT PLANT & BAND OF JOY "Live From The Artists Den" 2012
ROBERT TEPPER "Modern Madness" 1988
ROBIN BECK "Love Is Coming" 2017
ROCK CANDY FUNK PARTY "The Groove Cubed" 2017
ROCK CANDY FUNK PARTY (feat.Joe Bonamassa) "We Want Groove" 2013
ROCKIN THE BLUES "Rockin The Blues" 2017
ROD STEWART "Atlantic Crossing" 2011
RODS "Vengenance" 2011
ROGER WATERS "Is It The Fifth?" 2010
RONI SIZE & REPRAZENT "New Forms" 2008
RONNIE MONTROSE" 10x10 " 2017
ROOMFUL OF BLUES "Raisin' A Ruckus" 2008
ROSCOE'S PLACE (Tower Power) "Roger Smith" 2011
ROSE TATTOO "Pain" 2002
ROSE TATTOO "Blood Brothers" 2008
ROSE TATTOO "Assault & Battery" 1981
ROSE TATTOO "Scarred For Life" 1990
ROTTEN SOUND "Exit" 2004
ROY ORBISON "The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" 2017
RUBY BRAFF "Our Love Is Here To Stay" 2011
RUFUS ZUPHALL "Weib Der Teufel" 1972
RUSH "Working Men" 2009
RUSSKAJA "Kosmopoliturbo" 2017
SABRINA MALHEIROS "New Morning" 2011
SACRED STEELE "Heavy Metal Sacrifice" 2016
SACRIFICIAL "Forever Entangled" 1993
SAGA "The Human Condition" 2009
SAILLE "Eldritch" 2014
SALIVA "Under Your Skin" 2011
SAMAEL "Hegemony" 2017
SAMMY HAGAR (ex-Van Halen) "Sammy Hagar & Friends" 2013
SANBOX "Rocks" 1997
SANDSTONE "Delta Viridian" 2013
SANGUIS ET CINIS "Alright Lets Rock" 2002
SANGUIS ET CINIS "Madrigal" 1999
SARI SCHORR "A Force Of Nature" 2016
SATYRICON "Deep Calleth Upon Deep" 2017
SAVAGE MESSIAH "The Fateful Dark" 2014
SAVE (Rus) "Под Руку С Мечтой" 2008
SAVOY BROWN "Witchy Feelin'" 2017
SAXON "To Hell & Back Again" 2007
SAXON "To Hell And Back Again" 2007
SAXON "Saxon (Remastered 2009)" 1979
SCAR SYMMETRY "The Singularity" 2014
SCARR "Animal Enemy" 2001
SCARS ON BROADWAY "Scars On Broadway" 2008
SCISSOR SISTERS "Magic Hour (Deluxe Edition)" 2012
SCORPIONS "Crazy World" 1990
SCORPIONS "Born To Touch Your Feelings (Best Of Rock Ballads)" 2017
SCORPIONS "In Trance" 1975
SCOTT WALKER "Bish Bosch" 2012
SCOTT WILKE "All In" 2014
SCREAM SILENCE "Saviourine" 2006
SCREAMER "Phoenix" 2013
SCREECHING WEASEL "First World Manifesto" 2011
SEA OF DESPERATION (Rus) "Dread Poems Of The Fall" 2007
SEABOUND "Beyond Flatline" 2004
SEAN WEBSTER "Leave Your Heart At The Door" 2017
SENSES FAIL "Let It Enfold You" 2004
SENSES FAIL "The Fire" 2010
SENSORIUM "Jahazralah" 1997
SENTENCED "Love & Death" 1995
SENTENCED "North From Here" 1995
SERENITY "Lionheart" 2017
SERJ TANKIAN "Elect The Dead Symphony" 2010
SETH SWIRSKY (Red Button) "Instant Pleasure" 2004
SEVEN "Shattered" 2016
SEVEN TEARS "In Every Frozen Tear" 2008
SEVEN WITCHES "The Way Of The Wicked" 2015
SEVENDUST "Home" 1999
SEVENDUST "Time Travelers & Bonfires" 2014
SEVENDUST "Black Out The Sun" 2013
SEVENDUST "Next" 2005
SEVENDUST "Chapter VII (Hope & Sorrow)" 2008
SEVENTH KEY (ex-Kansas) "Live In Atlanta" 2006
SHADOWS FALL "Fallout From The War" 2006
SHADOWS FALL "Retribution" 2009
SHAKATAK "The Chrismas Album" 2014
SHAKRA "Snakes And Ladders" 2017
SHANNA WATERSTOWN "A Real Wooman" 2011
SHERYL CROW "The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow" 2003
SHERYL CROW "Detours" 2008
SHILTS "All Grown Up" 2012
SHINEDOWN "Threat To Survival" 2015
SHOTGUN "Dallasian Rock" 2014
SHUTTAH "The Image Maker" 1971
SIGUR ROS "Valtari" 2012
SILENT OPERA "Reflections" 2014
SILENTIUM "Amortean" 2008
SILENTRAIN "Wrong Way To Salvation" 2008
SILVERCHAIR "Young Modern" 2007
SINAMORE "Seven Sins A Second" 2007
SINEAD O'CONNOR "I Am Not Bossy, I'm The Boss" 2014
SINHERESY "Paint The World" 2013
SISTER "Disguised Vultures" 2014
SITTING BULL "Trip Away" 1971
SIX FEET UNDER "Graveyard Classics 2" 2004
SIX FEET UNDER "Warpath" 1997
SIX FEET UNDER (Sweden) "Six Feet Under" 1980
SIX FEET UNDER (Sweden) "Eruption" 1984
SKILLET "Rise" 2013
SKINDRED "Kill The Power" 2014
SKINDRED "Shark Bites And Dog Fights" 2009
SKINLAB "Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded" 1997
SKINLAB "The Scars Between Us" 2009
SKINNY PUPPY "Hand Over" 2011
SKINTRADE "Refueled" 2014
SKRILLEX "Recess" 2014
SKY ARCHITECT "Excavations Of The Mind" 2010
SKYCKAD "In The…All Together" 2009
SKYLINER "Outsiders" 2014
SKYSCRAPER "Elevation" 2014
SLASH "Made In Stock" 2011
SLASH "Apocalyptic Love" 2012
SLIPKNOT "Life At Monsters Of Rock Brasil 2013 / Slipknot Live at Download / Videography" 2013
SLIPKNOT "Voliminal: Inside The Nine" 2007
SMASHING PUMPKINS "Monuments To An Elegy" 2014
SNAKESKIN "Tunes For My Santimea" 2016
SNOWY WHITE "Reunited" 2017
SOAK "Soak" 1997
SODOM "In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty" 1986
SOIL "Whole" 2013
SOIL "Picture Perfect" 2009
SOILWORK "Sworn To A Great Divide" 2007
SOILWORK "The Living Infinite" 2013
SOLARIS "Marsbeli Kronikak II" 2014
SONATA ARCTICA "The Ninth Hour" 2016
SONIC SYNDICATE "Only Inhuman" 2007
SONIC SYNDICATE "Sonic Syndicate" 2014
SONIQ CIRCUS "Reflections In The Hourglass" 2011
SONS OF APOLLO "Psychotic Symphony" 2017
SONS OF TEXAS "Forged By Fortude" 2017
SOPOR AETERNUS "La Chambre D Echo" 2004
SOULFLY "Savages (Limited Edition)" 2013
SOULFLY "Savages" 2013
SOUNDGARDEN "Telephantasm" 2010
SOUNDGARDEN "King Animal" 2012
SPACELORDS "Water Planet" 2017
SPAINT (Rus) "Цепь Притяжения" 2008
SPARKS "Exotic Creatures Of The Deep" 2008
SPINESHANK "Strictly Diesel" 1998
STAIND "The Videos" 2006
STAIND "Staind" 2011
STAIND "The Illusion Of Progress" 2008
STALLION "Rise And Ride" 2014
STAN BUSH "Change The World" 2017
STATE OF SALAZAR "All The Way" 2014
STATUS QUO "The One And Only" 2006
STATUS QUO "Bula Quo!" 2013
STEELWING "Zone Of Alienation" 2012
STEELY DAN "Gaucho (Remastered)" 1980
STEPHEN LEE "Music In The Key Of Life" 2011
STEREOLAB "Serene Velocity" 2007
STEREOMUD "Every Given Moment" 2003
STEREOSIDE "So Long" 2007
STEREOSIDE "Stereoside" 2010
STEVE COLE "Moonlight" 2010
STEVE KRASE "Someday" 2013
STEVE LUKATHER "Transition I" 2013
STEVE OLIVER "World Citizen" 2012
STEVE SEASICK "Sonic Soul Surfer" 2015
STEVE TYRELL "It's Magic (The Songs Of Sammy Cabn)" 2013
STEVE TYRELL "I'll Take Romance" 2012
STEVE VAI "Modern Primitive" 2016
STEVEN WILSON (Porcupine Tree) "To The Bone" 2017
STICK MEN (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter) "Open" 2012
STING "The Journey & The Labirinth" 2007
STONE HARBOUR "Emerges" 1974
STONE RAIDERS "Truth To Power" 2013
STONE SOUR "Hydrograd" 2017
STORK (ex-Korn) "Stork" 2011
STORMWITCH "Season Of The Witch" 2015
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD" 1994-2006: The Chaos Years" 2008
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD "The New Black" 2006
STRATOVARIUS "Nemesis" 2013
STRAWBERRY SLAUGHTERHOSE "Teenage Torturechamber (Japan Edition)" 1996
STRETCH "Lifeblood" 1977
STRIKER "Striker" 2017
STROKES "Angles" 2011
STUCK MOJO "The Great Revival" 2009
STYX "Return To Paradise (Live)" 2002
STYX "Caught In The Act (Live And More)" 2007
SUBWAY TO SALLY "Bastard" 2007
SUCH A SURGE "Alpha" 2006
SUEDE "Bloodsports" 2013
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "Still Cyco After All These Years" 1993
SULTANS OF PING F.C. "Teenage Planet Sexy War (Japan Edition)" 1993
SUNDOWN "Design 19" 1997
SUNDOWN "Glimmer" 1999
SUNSET HEIGHTS "Recorded Live At Fitzgeralads 2003" 2007
SUNSTORM "Edge Of Tomorrow" 2016
SUNSTRIKE "Rock Your World" 2014
SUPERBUTT "The Unbeatable Eleven" 2003
SUPERCHARGER "Broken Hearts & Fallaparts" 2014
SVARTSOT "Mulmets Viser" 2010
SWEET "New York Groove Plus" 2015
SWEET (Andy Scott) "New York Connection" 2012
SWITCHFOOT "Fading West" 2014
SYMPHONITY "King Of Persia (Japan Edition)" 2016
SYMPHONYX "Opus 1: Limbu+Bonus" 2007
T & N (Dokken) "Slave To The Empire" 2012
TALKING BACK SUNDAY "Taking Back Sunday" 2011
TALON "Never Look Back" 1985
TANGENT "The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery" 2017
TANGERINE DREAM "Particles" 2017
TANKARD "Open All Nights Reloaded" 2009
TANKARD "The Beauty And The Beer" 2005
TANKARD "One Foot in the Grave" 2017
TANKARD "Vol.14" 2010
TANKARD "A Girl Called Cerveza" 2012
TANTAL (Rus) "The Beginning Of The End" 2009
TAPROOT "Gift" 2000
TAPROOT "Welcome" 2002
TARJA "The Brightest Void" 2016
TARJA "Colours In The Dark" 2013
TARJA "Left In The Dark" 2014
TAROT "Gravity Of Light" 2010
TEA CLUB "Quickly Quickly Quickly" 2012
TEARS OF ANGER (ex-Therion, Talisman) "In The Shadows" 2006
TEENAGE IDOLS "Something Wicked" 2005
TEMPEST "The Gravel Walk" 1997
TEMPEST "Balance" 2001
TEMPEST "Shapeshifter" 2003
TEMPEST "The Double Cross" 2006
TEMPEST "The 10 Annivesary Compilation" 1998
TEN YEARS AFTER "Live At Fiesta City" 2009
TENACIOUS D "Rize Of The Fenix" 2012
TENSNAKE "Glow" 2014
TENT (Rus) "Все Дороги Ведут в Ад" 2008
TERELL STAFFORD "This Side Of Strayhorh" 2011
TERRI LYNE CARRINGTON "The Mosalo Project" 2011
TERRORIZER "Darker Days Ahead" 2006
TERRORIZER "Hordes Of Zombies" 2012
TESLA "Five Man Video Band (MTV Unplugged)" 2002
TESSA SOUTER "Obsession" 2009
TESSERACT "Altered State" 2013
TESTAMENT "Brotherhood Of The Snake" 2016
TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION "Dark Side Of Black" 2016
THAUROROD "Anteinferno" 2013
THE ANSWER "Solas" 2016
THE BLACK ANGELS "Death Song" 2017
THE DARKNESS "Pinewood Smile" 2017
THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM "Doomsday Kingdom" 2017
THE MONKEES "Good Times" 2016
THE RIPPINGTONS "True Stories" 2016
THE SHINS "Heartworms" 2017
THE SNAKES "Once Bitten…Outtakes" 1998
THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP "With Their New Face On" 1968
THE UNGUIDED "And The Battle Royale" 2017
THEANDER EXPRESSION "Strange Nostalgia" 2013
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY "Last Curtain Call" 2011
THEOCRACY "As The World Bleeds" 2012
THEORY OF A DEADMAN "Savages" 2014
THEORY OF A DEADMAN "The Truth Is…" 2011
THERAPY "Crooked Timber" 2009
THERAPY? "Scopophobia" 2003
THERESE ULVAN "Love Ulvan" 2014
THERION "Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas" 1993
THERION "Lepaca Kliffoth" 1995
THERION "Theli" 1996
THERION "Vovin" 1998
THEVEN' KITCHEN "One For Sorrow, Two For Joy" 2013
THIN LIZZY "Bad Reputation (Remastered 2011)" 1977
THIRTY DAYS OUT "Thirty Days Out" 1971
THOMAS ANDERS "Pures Leben" 2017
THORNLEY "Come Again" 2004
THOUGHT CHAMBER "Psykerion" 2013
THRESHOLD "Legends Of The Shires" 2017
THUNDER "Flawed To Perfection Video 1990-1995" 2005
THUNDER TRIBE "War Chant" 2013
THY MAJESTIE "Shihuangdi" 2012
THYRIEN "Hymns Of The Mortals" 2014
TIAMAT "Amanethes" 2008
TIEFLADER "Geht Durch Die Wand" 2009
TIGERTAILZ "Knives" 2013
TIM BOWNESS (No-Man, Pineapple Thief) "Lost In The Ghost Light" 2017
TIM RIPPER OWENS (ex-Judas Priest, Iced Earth) "Play My Game (feat. D.Aldrich, C.Caffery, R.Sarzo, S.Stevens etc.)" 2009
TIMES OF GRACE (ex-Killswitch Engage) "The Hymn Of A Broken Man" 2011
TINDERSTICKS "The Something Rain" 2012
TNNE "The Clock That Went Backwards" 2014
TO DIE FOR "Wounds Wide Open" 2006
TOBYMAC "Eye On It" 2012
TODD RUNDGREN "Global" 2015
TODD RUNDGREN "State" 2013
TOKIO HOTEL "Kings Of Suburbia" 2014
TOKYO MOON (feat.Charito) "Dream File" 2011
TOMAHAWK "Oddfellows" 2013
TOMMY BOLIN "Mr. Bolin's Late Night Revival (Tommy Bolin Tribute)" 2010
TOMMY CASTRO "Stompin' Ground" 2017
TOMMY LEE "Tommyland: The Ride" 2005
TOMMY LEE "Never A Dull Moment" 2002
TONY CAREY "Blue Highway" 1985
TONY GREY "Elevation" 2013
TONY IOMMI (Feat.Glenn Hughes) "Fused" 2005
TONY MACALPINE "Death Of Roses" 2017
TORI AMOS "Gold Dust" 2012
TOTAL DEVASTATION "Reclusion" 2005
TOUCHSTONE "Oceans Of Time" 2013
TOURNIQUET "Onward To Freedom" 2014
TRACY G (ex-DIO) "Tramp" 2017
TRAFFIC "The Last Great Jam" 2005
TRAIL OF TEARS "Oscillation" 2013
TRAIL OF TEARS "Existentia" 2007
TRAIN "Bulletproof Picasso" 2016
TRAIN "California 37" 2012
TRANCEMISSION "Paranoia" 2015
TRANCEMISSION "Naked Flames" 2012
TRANSATLANTIC "Whirld Tour 2010" 2010
TRANSPLANTS "Haunted Cities" 2005
TRAVIS & FRIPP (King Crimson) "Follow" 2012
TREATMENT "Running With The Dogs" 2014
T-REX "The Slider" 1972
T-REX "Electric Warrior" 1971
T-REX "Unicorn" 1969
TRICKY "A Ruff Guide" 2002
TRICKY "Mixed Race" 2010
TRIGGER HIPPY "Trigger Hippy" 2014
TRISHA O'BRIEN "Out Of A Dream" 2010
TRIVIUM "Ember To Inferno" 2003
TRIVIUM "Vengeance Falls" 2013
TRIVIUM "In Waves" 2011
TROLLFEST "Brumlebassen" 2012
TRUDY LYNN "Royal Oaks Blues Café" 2014
TWENTY SIXTY SIX AND THEM "Reflections !" 1971
TWILIGHT OF THE GODS (ex-Exodus, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth) "Fire On The Mountain" 2013
TWILIGHTNING "Bedlam" 2006
TWINS CREW "The Northern Crusade" 2013
TYGERS OF PAN TANG "Ambush" 2012
U.D.O. "Solid (Remastered 2013)" 1997
U.D.O. "Animal House (Remastered 2013)" 1987
U.D.O. "Faceless World (Remastered 2013)" 1990
U.D.O. "Mean Machine (Remastered 2013)" 1989
U2 "Live At Red Rocks" 2008
U2 "Songs Of Innocence" 2014
UFO "The Salentino Cuts" 2017
UFO "Seven Deadly" 2012
UMBRA ET IMAGO "Die Welt Brennt" 2002
UMBRA ET IMAGO "Memento Mori" 2004
U-NAM "C'est Le Funk" 2014
UNHEILIG "Lichtblicke" 2012
UNHEILIG "Gipfelsturmer" 2014
UNHEILIG "Das 2. Gebot" 2011
UNHEILIG "Frohes Fest" 2010
UNHEILIG "Moderne Zeiten" 2010
UNHEILIG "Zelluloid" 2009
UNHEILIG "Lichter Der Stadt" 2012
UNSUN "The End Of Life" 2009
UNSUN "Clinic For Dolls" 2010
URGE OVERKILL "Rock & Roll Submarine" 2011
USED "Artwork" 2009
VAMPIRE WEEKEND "Modern Vampires Of The City" 2013
VAN CANTO "Voices Of Fire" 2016
VAN CANTO "Hero" 2008
VARG "Das Ende Aller Lugen" 2016
VEGA "Stereo Messiah" 2014
VEGETATIVE (Rus) "Холод внутри" 2005
VENICE "What Summer Brings" 2014
VENIN NOIR "Rainy Days Of October" 2002
VICINITY "Awakening" 2013
VICIOUS RUMORS "Concussion Protocol" 2016
VIDUNDER "Vidunder" 2013
VIKTORIA TOLSTOY "Letters To Herbe" 2011
VIOLENT SILENCE "A Broken Truce" 2013
VIPER "All My Life" 2008
VIRGIL & STEVE HOWE "Nexus" 2017
VIRGIL DONATI "In This Life" 2013
VIVALDI METAL PROJECT "The Four Seasons" 2016
VOID OF SILENCE "Human Antithesis" 2004
VOID OF SILENCE "Criteria Ov 666" 2002
VOLBEAT "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies" 2013
VOLTO (Tool) "Incitare" 2013
VOMITORY "Terrorize Brutalie Sodomize" 2004
VOODOO GLOW SKULLS "Steady As She Goes" 2002
VOODOO HILL "Waterfall " 2015
VULTURE CAVALRY "Blackwing" 2010
W.E.T. (Jeff Scott Soto) "Rise Up" 2013
WALLFLOWERS "Glad All Over" 2012
WALTARI "Release Date" 2007
WANTED "Meat 'N' Greed" 2014
WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH "Transmetropolitan" 2007
WAR OF AGES "Return To Life" 2012
WARLOCK "Triumph & Agony" 1987
WARLOCK "True As Steel" 1986
WARLOCK "Hellbound" 1985
WARLOCK "Burning The Witches" 1984
WARRANT "Louder Harder Faster" 2017
WARRANT "Metal Bridge" 2014
WATCH "Vacuum" 2005
WATSON'S RIDDLE (feat. Chuck Leavell) "Watson's Riddle" 2011
WE ARE SCIENTISTS "With Love & Squalor" 2006
WE ARE THE FALLEN "Tear The World Down" 2010
WEDDING IN HADES "Elements Of Disorder" 2010
WELTENBRAND "The End Of The Wizard" 2006
WHITE EMPRESS (ex-Cradle Of Filth, Coal Chamber) "Rise Of The Empress" 2014
WHITE LIES "Ritual" 2011
WHITE LION "Live At Bang Your Head Festival" 2009
WHITECHAPEL "Whitechapel" 2012
WHITESNAKE "Slide It In" 1984
WHO "Who's Next" 1971
WHO "Tommy (Remastered)" 1969
WIG WAM "Wall Street" 2012
WILD BUTTER "Wild Butter" 1970
WILLIAM ORBIT "Pieces In A Modern Style II" 2010
WILLIE NELSON "Band Of Brothers" 2014
WINDS OF PLAGUE "Decimate The Weak" 2008
WINTERBORN "Farewell To Saints" 2009
WINTERDOME "Welter Dammerlung" 2006
WINTERSTORM "Cothycon" 2014
WISDOM IN CHAINS "The Missing Links" 2012
WITCHERY "In His Infernal Majesty's Service" 2017
WITCHERY "Don't Fear The Reaper" 2006
WITH PASSION "In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil" 2005
WITHERED "Memento Mori" 2005
WITHIN TEMPTATION "Let Us Burn: Elements hydra Live in Concert / The Beursgebouw 2007" 2014
WITHIN TEMPTATION "Mother Earth" 2003
WO FAT "Midnight Cometh" 2016
WOBBLER "From Silence To Somewhere" 2017
WOLF HOFFMANN "Headbangers Symphony" 2016
WOLF HOFFMANN "Classical" 1997
WOLFMOTHER "Please Experience Wolfmother" 2007
WOLVERINE "Communication Lost" 2011
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM "Celesnal Lineage" 2011
WORK OF ART "Framework (Japan Edition)" 2014
WOUNDED "Atlantic" 2004
WRONG OBJECT "After The Exhibition" 2013
WSNB "Oktibbeha Country" 2009
YATTERING "Creative Chaos" 2002
YELLOWJACKETS "A Rise In The Road" 2013
YELLOWJACKETS "Timeline" 2011
YES "Songs From Tsongas (35th Anniversary Concert)" 2005
YES "Going For The One (Remastered 2010)" 1977
YES "The Many Faces Of Yes: Palayin Their Favourite Songs" 2015
YES "The Many Faces Of Yes: The BBC Sessions / Projects Before And After Yes" 2015
YES "Heaven & Earth" 2014
YES "The Yes Album (Japan Edition, Remastered 2010)" 1971
YOUNG THE GIANT "You The Giant" 2011
YU GRUPA "Kako To Da Svaki Dan?" 1974
YUSUF (Cat Stevens) "Roadsinger" 2009
ZEROMANCER "Sinners International" 2009
ZORA YOUNG "Friday Night" 2016
ZUCCHERO "La Sesion Cubana" 2012
ZUMBA (Rus) "Сладок Девичий Стыд" 2006
ZZEBRA "Zzebra" 1974
АГАВА "Твой лучший выстрел" 2007
АНГУС "Продукт низкого качества" 2004
БАНАНА ГАНГ "Viva la humpa!" 2006
БУХТА РАДОСТИ "Зверь" 2004
ВАЛ'КИРИЯ "Пополни Ряды" 2008
ВЗРЫВНЫЕ УСТРОЙСТВА "Чёткая грань" 2006
ВИСОКОСНОЕ ЛЕТО "Лавка Чудес" 1995
ДЖАН КУ "Последняя капля" 2004
ДИАЛОГ "I Put The Spell On The Fire" 1989
ЗУБЫ "Зубы" 2004
КОМНАТА "Почти 22" 2007
КРЕМАТОРИЙ "Все Клипы / Квартирник (Квартирный Концерт)" 2008
КРЫША "Гексаген" 2001
КУКЛЫ "Дисциплина хаоса" 2005
ЛАНДЫШИ "Программа время" 2006
МОРЕ И КОРАБЛИ "Море и корабли" 2006
МЯСКОВСКИЙ "Симфония №17 \ №18 (Большой Симфонический Оркестр Всесоюзного Радио)" 1954
НАСМОРК "Под каблуком" 2006
НЕМОЛЯЕВ/СЕЛЕЗНЁВ "Мёртвые Души" 2008
ОРИГАМИ "Когда ложь стала правдой" 2005
ПИЛИГРИМ "Слава России" 2007
ПРАЙД "Планета 45" 2004
РЕКВИЕМ "Обновленный мир" 2007
СДЕЛАНО С DUSHОЙ! 2 "Башакаов, brosound, проект олимпийский и др." 2006
СЕРГЕЙ МАВРИН "Откровение" 2006
СОК "Пара нормальных" 2002
ТЕЛА "Лава" 2008
УЛЬИ "Бытовуха" 2002
ФИГИ "Пьяное счастливое детство" 2005
ХАКЕР "Взлом" 2006
ЭЛИЗИУМ "Все острова" 2003



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