ACCEPT "Blind Rage" 2014 (CD)
ADRENALINE MOB "We The People" 2017 (CD)
ALAN PRICE (ex-Animals) "O Lucke Man!" 1973 (CD)
ALESTORM "No Grave But The Sea" 2017 (CD)
AMY WINEHOUSE "Back To Black" 2006 (CD)
AMY WINEHOUSE "Frank" 2003 (CD)
ARTILLERY "Terror Squad" 1987 (CD)
AVATARIUM "Hurricanes And Halos (Deluxe Edition)" 2017 (CD)
AVISHAI COHEN "Cross My Palm With Silver" 2017 (CD)
AYREON "The Source" 2017 (2 CD)
BACCARA "I Belong To Your Heart" 2017 (CD)
BAI BANG "Do You Wanna Taste It" 2017 (CD)
BAPHOMET "Latest Jesus" 1992 (CD)
BAROCK PROJECT "Detachment" 2017 (CD)
BARRY GIBB "Now Voyager" 1984 (Mini-Vinyl)
BARRY GIBB "Hawks - Music From The Original Soundtrack" 1988 (Mini-Vinyl)
BARRY GOUDREAU (ex-Boston) "Full Steam Ahead" 2017 (CD)
BERNIE MARSDEN (ex-Whitesnake) "Big Boy Blue" 2017 (CD)
BETTY "Handful" 1971 (CD)
BIG BIG TRAIN "Grimspound" 2017 (CD)
BILLY D. & THE HOODOOS "Overnight Success" 2017 (CD)
BJORN RIIS "Forever Comes To An End" 2017 (CD)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Sonic Brew" 2010 (CD)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Stronger Than Death" 2010 (CD)
BLACK RUSSIAN "Black Russian" 1980 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Cross Purposes" 1994 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH" 13" 2013 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Born Again" 1983 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Mob Rules" 1981 (CD)
BLONDIE "Pollinator" 2017 (CD)
BRIAN MAY & KERRY ELLIS "Golden Days" 2017 (CD)
CAFE R&B "Very Live" 2006 (2 CD)
CAFE R&B "Black & White" 1998 (CD)
CELTIC FROST "Morbid Tales" 1984 (CD)
CELTIC FROST "Vanity/Nemesis" 1990 (CD)
CINDERELLA "Heartbreak Station" 1990 (CD)
CRAZY LIXX "Ruff Justice" 2017 (CD)
DAN AUERBACH (Black Keys) "Waiting On A Song" 2017 (CD)
DEAD DAISIES "Dead Daisies" 2014 (CD)
DEAD KOSMONAUT "Expect Nothing" 2017 (CD)
DEEP PURPLE "Infinite" 2017 (CD)
DEMIS ROUSSOS "Magic" 1976 (CD)
DEMIS ROUSSOS "My Only Fascination" 1974 (CD)
DEP PURPLE "In Rock (Remastered KronStudioLab 2017)" 1970 (CD)
DEPECHE MODE "Spirit (Deluxe Edition)" 2017 (CD)
DESTRUCTION "Under Attack" 2016 (CD)
DEZPERADOZ "Call Of The Wild" 2017 (CD)
DREAM EVIL "Six (Limited Edition)" 2017 (CD)
EAGLES "The Very Best Of" 2003 (2 CD)
ECLIPSE "Monumentum" 2017 (CD)
ELTON JOHN "Elton John" 1970 (CD)
ELTON JOHN "Honky Chateau" 1971 (CD)
ERIC BURDON "Soldier Of Fortune" 1976 (CD)
EZOO (Graham Bonnet, Dario Mollo) "Feeding the Beast" 2017 (CD)
FLEETWOOD MAC "Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac" 1968 (CD)
FLEETWOOD MAC "Mr. Wonderful" 1968 (CD)
GENTLE GIANT "Octopus (Steven Wilson Remix 2015)" 1970 (CD)
GORAN BREGOVIC "Arizona Dream" 1993 (CD)
HALFORD "Resurrection" 2000 (CD)
HAWKWIND "Into The Woods" 2017 (CD)
HEAVEN & HELL "The Devil You Know" 2009 (CD)
HURRICANE RUTH "Ain't Ready For The Grave" 2017 (CD)
IMMOLATION "Atonement" 2017 (CD)
INGLORIOUS "Inglorious II" 2017 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "Dust Bowl" 2011 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "A New Day Yesterday" 2004 (CD)
JOHNNY CASH "American IV: The Man Comes Around" 2000 (CD)
JORN LANDE "Life on Death Road" 2017 (CD)
JULLIO IGLESIAS "Mexico & Amigos" 2017 (CD)
KAREN CHERYL "Karen Charyl + Liars Beware" 1979 (CD)
KAREN CHERYL "Karen Cheryl (Mes annes De Lycee)" 1982 (CD)
KAREN CHERYL "Karen Cheryl (Pense A Moi)" 1983 (CD)
KASABIAN "For Crying Out Loud" 2017 (CD)
KINGDOM COME "Kingdom Come" 1988 (CD)
KINGDOM COME "In Your Face" 1989 (CD)
KINGDOM COME "Hands Of Time" 1991 (CD)
KINGDOM COME "Bad Image" 1993 (CD)
KINGDOM COME "Twilight Cruiser" 1995 (CD)
KINGDOM COME "Master Seven" 1997 (CD)
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS "Prevail 1 (Japan Edition)" 2017 (CD)
KREATOR "Endorama" 1999 (CD)
KREATOR "Cause For Conflict" 1995 (CD)
LARRY CORYELL'S 11th HOUSE "Seven Secrets" 2017 (CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "Led Zeppelin II (Remastered 1994)" 1969 (CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "Houses of the Holy (Remastered 1994)" 1973 (CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "Led Zeppelin III (Remastered 1994)" 1970 (CD)
LES FLEUR DE LYS "Reflections" 1969 (CD)
LIED DES TEUFELS "Lied Des Teufels" 1973 (CD)
LINKIN PARK "One More Light" 2017 (CD)
LIV SIN (ex-Sister Sin) "Follow Me" 2017 (CD)
LONELY ROBOT "The Big Dream" 2017 (CD)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND "Banquet" 1974 (CD)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND "…Where The Groupies Killed The Blues" 1972 (CD)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND "Good Time Warrior" 1978 (CD)
MASTER'S APPRENTICES "Complete Recordings" 1968 (CD)
MASTER'S APPRENTICES "Masterpiece" 1970 (CD)
MESSINA "Terrortory" 1990 (CD)
METAL CHURCH "Generation Nothing" 2013 (CD)
METALLICA "S&M" 1999" 2 DVD-Digipack
MICHAEL KIWANUKA "Love & Hate" 2016 (CD)
MONSTER MIKE WELCH & MIKE LEDBETTER "Right Place, Right Time" 2017 (CD)
MOTT THE HOOPLE "Mott" 1973 (CD)
MUNGO JERRY "Boot Power" 1972 (CD)
MUNGO JERRY "You Don't Have To Be In The Army" 1971 (CD)
NAD SYLVAN "The Bride Said No (Special Edition)" 2017 (CD)
NAZARETH "Loud N Proud" 1973 (CD)
NAZARETH "Expect No Mercy" 1977 (CD)
NAZARETH "Malice in Wonderland" 1980 (CD)
NAZARETH" 2XS" 1982 (CD)
NAZARETH "Nazareth" 1971 (CD)
NAZARETH "No Jive" 1991 (CD)
NEIL MERRYWEATHER "Space Ranger" 1995 (CD)
NITROGODS "Roadkill BBQ" 2017 (CD)
OBSCURA "Omnivium" 2011 (CD)
OTTAWAN "Ottawan 2" 1981 (Mini-Vinyl)
OVERKILL "Taking Over" 1987 (CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "Blizzard of Ozz (Remastered 2011)" 1981 (CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "Black Rain" 2007 (CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "The Ultimate Sin (Remastered 1995)" 1986 (CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "Scream (Limited Edition)" 2010 (2 CD)
PAPA ROACH "Crooked Teeth" 2017 (CD)
PARIAH "The Kindred" 1988 (CD)
PARIAH "Blaze of Obscurity" 1989 (CD)
PARIAH "Unity" 1997 (CD)
PAUL WELLER "A Kind Revolution" 2017 (CD)
PELL MELL "Marburg" 1972 (CD)
PENTAGRAM "Curious Volume" 2015 (CD)
PETER GREEN "Peter Green Songbook, A Tribute To His Work / Splinter Group In Concert" 2003 (2 CD+DVD)
PIERRE MOERLEN'S GONG "Downwind" 1979 (CD)
PIERRE MOERLEN'S GONG "Time Is The Key" 1979 (CD)
PIERRE MOERLEN'S GONG "Leave It Open" 1981 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "The Wall (Remastered KronStudioLab 2015)" 1979 (2 CD)
PROCOL HARUM "Novum" 2017 (CD)
PURPENDICULAR "Venus To Volcanus" 2017 (CD)
PURPENDICULAR "This Is the Thing #1" 2016 (CD)
PYRAMAZE "Contingent" 2017 (CD)
RAY DAVIES "See My Friends" 2010 (CD)
RAY DAVIES "Americana" 2017 (CD)
RHINO BUCKET "The Last Real Rock N' Roll" 2017 (CD)
RICHARD BARBIERI (Porcupine Tree) "Planets+Persona" 2017 (CD)
RICHIE KOTZEN "Salting Earth" 2017 (CD)
RIKARD SJOBLOM'S GUNFLY "On Her Journey To The Sun" 2017 (CD)
ROBERT CRAY "Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm" 2017 (CD)
ROBIN TROWER "Time And Emotion" 2017 (CD)
ROGER WATERS (ex-Pink Floyd) "Is This The Life We Really Want?" 2017 (CD)
SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT "One with the Universe" 2017 (CD)
SECRET SPHERE "The Nature Of Time" 2017 (CD)
SHANGHAI "Shanghai" 1985 (CD)
SHANGHAI "I Full Frihet" 1986 (CD)
SIDEBURN "Eight" 2017 (CD)
SNAKECHARMER "Second Skin" 2017 (CD)
TAJ MAHAL & KEB MO "TajMo" 2017 (CD)
TANKARD "Tankard" 2017 (CD)
TEXAS "Jump On Board" 2017 (CD)
THE BEATLES "Beatles for Sale (UK Remastered 2009)" 1964 (CD)
THE BEATLES "Help! (UK Remastered 2009)" 1965 (CD)
THE BEATLES "Please Please Me (UK Remastered 2009)" 1963 (CD)
THE BEATLES "With the Beatles (UK Remastered 2009)" 1963 (CD)
THE BEATLES "A Hard Day’s Night (UK Remastered 2009)" 1964 (CD)
THE BEATLES "Yellow Submarine (UK Remastered 2009)" 1969 (CD)
THE BLACK ANGELS "Death Song" 2017 (CD)
THE FERRYMEN "Ferryman" 2017 (CD)
THE UNITY "The Unity" 2017 (CD)
TODD RUNDGREN "White Knight" 2017 (CD)
U.D.O. "Man And Machine (Remastered 2013)" 2002 (CD)
U.D.O. "No Limits (Remastered 2013)" 1998 (CD)
U.D.O. "Faceless World (Remastered 2013)" 1990 (CD)
U.D.O. "Timebomb (Remastered 2013)" 1991 (CD)
U.D.O. "Mean Machine (Remastered 2013)" 1989 (CD)
UFO "No Heavy Petting" 1975 (CD)
VARGAS BLUES BAND "Cambalache & Bronca" 2017 (CD)
VENOM "Prime Evil" 1989 (CD)
VENOM "Resurrection" 2000 (CD)
VENOM "Hell" 2008 (CD)
VENOM "Welcome to Hell (Remastered 2002)" 1981 (CD)
VIO-LENCE "Eternal Nightmare" 1988 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "The Crimson Idol (Remastered 2015)" 1992 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "The Headless Children" 1989 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "The Last Command (Remastered 2010)" 1985 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "W.A.S.P. (Remastered 1997)" 1984 (CD)
WALK ON FIRE "Mind Over Matter" 2017 (CD)
WITCHWOOD "Handful of Stars" 2016 (CD)
ZAC BROWN BAND "Welcome Home" 2017 (CD)


ABSENCE "From Your Grave" 2005 (CD)
ALDARIA "Land Of Light" 2017 (CD)
ALESTORM "No Grave But the Sea" 2017 (2 CD-Digipack)
ALMAH "E.V.O." 2016 (CD)
ANTROPOMORPHIA "Sermon ov Wrath" 2017 (CD)
ARCH ENEMY "As The Stages Burn!" 2017 (CD+DVD-Digipack)
ARTHEMIS "Blood-Fury-Domination" 2017 (CD)
AURA NOIR "Out To Die" 2012 (CD)
AVATARIUM "Hurricanes And Halos" 2017 (CD)
BATUSHKA "Litourgiya" 2016 (CD-Digipack)
BLOOD RED THRONE "Union Of Flesh And Machine" 2017 (CD)
BLOOD TSUNAMI "For Faen!" 2013 (CD)
BLOODBOUND "War of Dragons" 2017 (CD)
BOLT THROWER "Honour-Valour-Pride" 2002 (CD)
BYFROST "Of Death" 2011 (CD)
CELLADOR "Off The Grid" 2017 (CD)
CRYONIC TEMPLE "Into the Glorious Battle" 2017 (CD)
CRYSTAL VIPER "Crimen Excepta" 2012 (CD)
CRYSTAL VIPER "Possession" 2013 (CD)
CRYSTAL VIPER "Queen Of The Witches" 2017 (CD)
DESASTER "The Oath of an Iron Ritual" 2016 (CD)
DOWNFALL OF GAIA "Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes" 2012 (CD)
DRAGONFORCE "Reaching Into Infinity" 2017 (CD+DVD-Digipack)
DUSK "Satan's Laws" 2016 (CD)
ELEGIS "Superhuman Syndrome" 2017 (CD)
EMMURE "Look At Yourself" 2017 (CD)
ENSLAVED "The Sleeping Gods - Thorn" 2016 (CD)
ENTRAILS "Raging Death" 2013 (CD)
EXUMER "The Raging Tides" 2016 (CD)
FIRESPAWN "The Reprobate" 2017 (CD)
FIREWIND "Immortals" 2017 (CD)
GRAVE "Fiendish Regression" 2004 (CD)
GRAVE "Into the Grave + Tremendous Pain + Demo Tracks" 1991 (CD)
GRAVE "You'll Never See…" 1992 (CD)
HATE "Tremendum" 2017 (CD-Digipack)
HELKER "Firesoul" 2017 (CD)
HERMAN FRANK "Loyal to None (Re-Release)" 2016 (CD)
HIMSA "Summon In Thunder" 2008 (CD)
IMMENSITY "The Isolation Splendour" 2016 (CD)
IMMORTAL "At the Heart of Winter" 1999 (CD)
IRON SAVIOR "Titancraft" 2016 (CD)
KISSIN’ DYNAMITE "Generation Goodbye" 2016 (CD)
LAY DOWN ROTTEN "Mask Of Malice" 2012 (CD)
MASTERCASTLE "Wine of Heaven" 2017 (CD)
MEKONG DELTA "Classics" 1993 (CD)
MORTUARY "Static Pictures Bleed" 2014 (CD)
NOUMENA "Myrrys" 2017 (CD)
NOVEMBERS DOOM "Hamartia" 2017 (CD-Digipack)
PALLBEARER "Heartless" 2017 (CD)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE "Legendary Years" 2017 (CD)
RIVERS OF NIHIL "Monarchy" 2015 (CD)
RIVERS OF NIHIL "The Conscious Seed of Light" 2013 (CD)
SINISTER "Syncretism" 2017 (2 CD)
SINNER "Tequila Suicide" 2017 (CD)
SOIJL "As The Sun Sets On Life" 2017 (CD)
STEEL PANTHER "Lower The Bar" 2017 (CD)
THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM "The Doomsday Kingdom" 2017 (CD)
TODESTRIEBE "VicariusFilii Dei" 2015 (CD)
UNLEASHED "Warrior" 1997 (CD-Digipack)
VANISHING POINT "Embrace The Silence" 2005 (CD)
VANISHING POINT "Tangled In Dream" 2000 (2 CD)
VOLTLAND "The Cycle of Existence" 2017 (CD)
VOMITORY "Carnage Euphoria" 2009 (CD)
VORE "Gravehammer" 2012 (CD)
WARLOCK "Hellbound" 1985 (CD)
WOLFPAKK "Wolves Reign" 2017 (CD)
ХАМЕ-ЛЕОН "Ночь шальных машин в городе тьмы" 2016 (CD)
ЭЙДОЛ "Книга Снов" 2017 (CD)



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